A Tear Strayed From The Ocean

Remix step #2 (playing)

Keys & Guitar & Violin:

Peterpingo80 jams Supporter
+ 8
Just made a little intro and a "B-part-kind of Outtro".
Please Enjoy. :)


August 31 2016 10:19:33
so awesome melody!!! well done Peter!!! :)

August 27 2016 07:16:47
+1 August 27 2016 09:59:11 Pewi Peterpingo
Thank you Very much Friend :)
August 14 2016 22:55:30
francisco alfrancisco al
muito legal Peterpingo
+1 August 14 2016 23:13:30 francisco al Peterpingo
Thank you Francisco. :)
August 14 2016 01:46:40
I listen this song for 3 times, and still this track put me in awe, that melody...took my breath away, this is so beautiful Peter!
+1 August 14 2016 03:07:23 aleonz Peterpingo
Thanks Alice. I can´t express my thankfulness enough. That comment touched me deeply.
it is maybe because your comment shows exactly what I was thinking of when I wrote the song and titled it. A tear that gets lost from it´s ocean is meant as a metaphor. A description of a world where people deliberately avoiding to pay attention to each other. A world where sorrow and despair becomes something you keep for yourself. As well as love and compassion.
Your comment just proved that the tear in this "little story" Will find it´s way back home.

Thank you so much, Alice.
August 14 2016 01:44:50
Marcelo DMarcelo D
WOW!!! This is soooo beautiful Peter. Its a great song. You got a new follower. :)
+1 August 14 2016 01:47:37 Marcelo D Marcelo D
It remembers me from Villa Lobos.
August 14 2016 02:09:11 Marcelo D Peterpingo
August 14 2016 02:08:56 Marcelo D Peterpingo
Thank you Peixe. That´s a very kind comment from you.
it ise highly appreciated. :) I will follow you too. So lets hope we will meet again in a jam later.
August 13 2016 16:36:27
Wow Peter awesome track !!!
+1 August 13 2016 20:10:48 pniveiro Peterpingo
Sorry I wrote our comment. It should have been your comment means a lot of course. :)
August 13 2016 00:34:38
Good baseline here, with a cool ending :)
+1 August 13 2016 01:14:22 Psycho Peterpingo
Thanks Psy. :)
August 12 2016 22:29:23
beautiful piece Peter, I really liked the first, and this continuation is excellent... good work friend,:)...in my humble opinion, the first sequence, missing a little more than two minutes volume :) Great Peter
+1 August 12 2016 22:52:57 ivax Peterpingo
Thank you. :) :) I really don´t know where it came from it just did.
August 12 2016 22:49:19 ivax ivax
Fantastic melody and idea :)
August 12 2016 22:38:07 ivax Peterpingo
Thank you dear friend. Yes it was a little short and I thought it "missed" som kind of a B-part or some development.
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