Trip to culebra

Remix step #3 (playing)
Puerto Rico


afnermarin11 jams

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Awesome track lots of groove and creativity here! Great job guys, really enjoyed doing this remix. hope you like the bass add.


November 03 2016 21:49:37
KufiBassKufiBass cool bassline ! i like it and good sound !

August 15 2016 10:37:07
mpointonmpointon Really enjoyed the funk verses and walking bass chorus switches in the 3/4 sections - really helps to define those two 3/4 parts. The 4/4 sections you've really helped fill out with those syncopated lines giving so much more motion and drive.

This is pro-quality playing across the board! :)

+1 August 16 2016 18:35:22 mpointonafnermarin
Thanks a lot mpointon! it's a pleasure with solid groovy drumming along with you! As always great drum performance
August 13 2016 05:48:19
MarceysMarceys Ah yeah! You gave the different timings such cool accents, the syncopic and swing changes are spot on! Love it all the way man! :)
+1 August 13 2016 19:31:23 Marceysafnermarin
Thanks a lot Marceys! I loved the track you guys did! Really enjoyed doing this remix
August 12 2016 23:56:35
Ernie440Ernie440 Cool, great bass playing and sounds nice and groovy on this track.
+1 August 13 2016 19:30:21 Ernie440afnermarin
Thanks a lot Ernie!
August 12 2016 23:29:57
petebasspetebass Hey Af:)Awesome bass lines.really cool:);)
+1 August 13 2016 19:29:50 petebassafnermarin
thanks a lot pete!
August 12 2016 23:24:42
TofzegritTofzegrit Awesome!
All these parts are so fluid and always in the groove.

+1 August 12 2016 23:26:13 Tofzegritafnermarin
Thanks Tofzegrit, yeah! I liked that a lot. Very creative track, it has a bit of everything.
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