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Remix step #2 (playing)
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HiFiFlutes805 jams Supporter
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Hope you may enjoy, I'm hoping someone can chop up and modify my add to fit with there own addition. Hope so anyway : Added plains style native flute :)


August 15 2016 00:27:25
RobMRobM Another beautiful add Chris ! :) Thank you for joining in :)
+0 August 15 2016 00:43:18 RobMHiFiFlutes
Hi Rob :) Thanks my friend. I am pleased you enjoy this play. I am thankful for your awesome backer tracks always :) THANK YOU !
August 14 2016 21:43:11
PeterpingoPeterpingo Very nice HiFi. And your flute sounds so clear. I´m so fascinated by that sound but I guess you already know that. :)
+0 August 15 2016 03:19:55 PeterpingoPeterpingo
Fantastic. :) Do the flute have a name? I thought i could maybe google it or check if there maybe will be some kind of showing or documentation of it on youtube. I´m curious.
August 15 2016 00:48:37 PeterpingoHiFiFlutes
August 15 2016 00:53:17 PeterpingoHiFiFlutes
Typically native flute is pent minor. But, with proper tuning it is so much more :) This link is very close to how I tune as basic tuning. I have my flutes tuned so that crossfingering notes is the same on all my flutes. There are upper register notes in which fingering varies between flutes. Maybe after some years of making, I will Master this :) I have heard there are fewer than 5 native flutes in the country that play two full octaves in chromatic scale. My goal is to build one. So I will be busy learning for life :)
August 14 2016 22:31:40 PeterpingoPeterpingo
It is such a fascinating instrument. I wonder why I never heard of it before. It really got potential to kind of "give" music a whole new dimension. By the way. I would like to ask you. Is it Chromatic or Pentatonic? :)
August 14 2016 21:50:08 PeterpingoHiFiFlutes
Thanks Peter ! I'm super pleased you dig this play, And super pleased you dig the sound of my flutes !! I love them as well. Can't wait to get back to the workshop. I am missing several very important key flutes. Looking forward :)
August 14 2016 21:09:13
PewiPewi to dream...👌
+1 August 14 2016 21:10:45 PewiHiFiFlutes
Thank you, I have modified the title :) glad you like :)

Alternative Pop backing tracks with Flute and acoustic Guitar:

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