Les Catacombres

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this track reminds me of the Les Catacombes Sessions from 1969, with John McLaughlin on guitar, Chick Corea on piano,Jack DeJohnette on drums, and Dave Holland on bass. Thus the title.....


November 20 2016 22:44:43
HaffastHaffast This feels like I'm listening in on a Buckethead master class. in the coolest possible way!
+1 November 21 2016 00:24:26 HaffastKing1971
Thank you brother! I love Buckethead. That guy is a beast player!
November 21 2016 00:27:33 HaffastKing1971
Check out the Mid Life Crisis Actor solo. It has a Shawn Lane/Buckethead part in the last half of it, that you might dig.
October 25 2016 01:36:07
Major 3rdMajor 3rd solo master! ;o)
+1 October 25 2016 01:59:31 Major 3rdKing1971
Thanks man!
August 15 2016 16:34:10
FrankisaurFrankisaur I love it!! Your playing here is amazing! I've always enjoyed McLaughlin, and you channel him well. Fantastic add!
+1 August 15 2016 17:34:07 FrankisaurKing1971
Thank you, I take that as a huge compliment! McLaughlin is one of the primary influences, in my playing.
August 15 2016 13:46:46
DemianDemian Super! experimental sound y play, very creative. I know chick corea but not "Les catacombes" excelent music! Thanks for this information, and for join in!
+1 August 15 2016 14:46:41 DemianKing1971
Thank you Demien! Glad you like it.
August 15 2016 06:01:44
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho King1971
+0 August 15 2016 06:58:59 francisco alKing1971
Thank you francisco al!
August 15 2016 05:53:35
FrankieJFrankieJ Fantastic!
+1 August 15 2016 06:54:31 FrankieJKing1971
Thanks man!
August 15 2016 05:13:56
Ernie440Ernie440 Hey that was great, really enjoyed listening to your wicked jazzy riffing on this track, sounds great man, thanks a lot for joining the jam. Glad to hear from you again. Super cool!! :)

August 15 2016 05:13:30
GemmyFGemmyF Great Play on this!
+1 August 15 2016 05:23:23 GemmyFKing1971
Thank you GemmyF. I really appreciate it!
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