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Remix step #5 (playing)


NEbuloussn13 jams
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sorry it took so long, i hope you enjoy, i was quite busy lately with a lot of stuff which is why i didn't have much time to publish anything


August 16 2016 09:12:54
UloisiusUloisius very cool ;o)

August 15 2016 18:47:19
mortheolmortheol Super:)

August 15 2016 18:25:30
rp3drumsrp3drums NEbuloussn, this is amazing. Great lyrics...really deep, I found myself following along word for word, and the spacing is interesting as well, a lot of words. Sounds like a modern version of Yes and REM mashed. Great job, thanks so much...

August 15 2016 17:32:32
ivaxivax fantastic :) great song and great voice

August 15 2016 16:33:05
josepssvjosepssv Suuperbe ambient!!!!!

August 15 2016 16:18:25
GemmyFGemmyF Nice One! Aduennwald is the responsible one for this track as he put together the progression. I just gave a little color.
Good Add!

August 15 2016 15:39:43
aduadu Super Song you´ve written! Thanks a ton :) Sounds very good. Thank you NEbuloussn :)

August 15 2016 15:24:33
Ernie440Ernie440 Great man, super lyrics and singing! Good words, haha, I'm sure most people don't realize we're rocketing through space on a tree and water covered, spinning rock. So where are we going?? Thanks for the join, very cool and interesting.

August 15 2016 14:47:51
NEbuloussnNEbuloussn Happy ending messenger service lyrics
The ocean is wide,
It shakes the world’s ties,
No wonder may ever come across,
The plunder of beauty of our universe,
As a tree grows in silence, restoring the balance of hope,
A glimpse of the future lets us see the light at the end of the tunnel,
And the dying snake, on which we ride, will rot out the stench of ignorance,
The unfathomable price of knowledge creates a screen of smoke,
Colors come out of nowhere and everywhere at once.
They bear the scent of patience of the sentinel of time,
Worrying about the oracle’s blindness to the future,
Clouds pass by on our dying planet,
But still hope resides in the smallest of things happening worldwide
People stop uniting under banners and nations,
lay waist to the barriers that divide you and you will find absolution
In all equity under the light of the same sun the same moon,
On the same damn rock.
The vast corridors of the echoes of our perceptions have flawed the experience of a lifetime’s worth with the dissolution of the notion that we as individuals bear importance to the whole, as the more we are self-centered the less we see around us.
The blinder we get, weaker is the possibility of our future as a species.

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