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so I've posted guitar parts of my special tuning(I made up--can't find it anywhere on the web) before, but
maybe I could get a fellow guitar player to come and play with!
Of course a brush wielding drummer and bass and or a sax or flute interlude or EWI or Cello
Upload your instrument only track too as mp3 so we can mix.

It'd be really nice if a fellow mellow styled player could play along
then a fuzzy playing could be introduced. Lots of room.


August 30 2016 23:05:30
very cool ;o)

August 17 2016 03:06:05
I've been listening to a lot of John Martyn lately. Really like this!
+0 August 17 2016 03:29:14 garymcmill GemmyF
I remember this.
Yeah, really nice! Soak that up like a sponge!
August 17 2016 03:26:05 garymcmill GemmyF
So I'm listening to the Best of the Island years, I guess he his singing and play at the same time. Wow what a talent. Fairtale Lullaby reminds me of Mark Almond Band. Probably same time early 70s
August 17 2016 03:20:23 garymcmill garymcmill
solid air
August 17 2016 03:13:36 garymcmill GemmyF
I'll check him out.
August 17 2016 03:15:55 garymcmill GemmyF
which album do you suggest?
August 17 2016 00:21:58
Well done... quite amazing actually :)
+0 August 17 2016 17:31:55 Psycho GemmyF
we'll just the fact you don't hear the roaring of the AC in the background is a mixing marvel. But we got our first little bout of rain here in a couple of months it seems. The cracks are so deep and wide in the soil all over the place it's scary. Yes this piece though can run on loop and keep one's attention for sometime.
August 17 2016 01:19:39 Psycho GemmyF
Thanks Bruce I appreciate that!
August 16 2016 19:32:47
fantastic Gemmy :)
+0 August 16 2016 20:26:49 ivax GemmyF
thx Xavi!
August 16 2016 18:57:40
Gemmy this is very cool:)
If I can figure it out I may give it a go:D

+0 August 16 2016 19:15:28 mortheol GemmyF
Super Cool!
August 16 2016 19:03:57 mortheol mortheol
I am listening over and over. I may try that and get the best parts:)
Later tonight I will try and spear it
August 16 2016 19:01:22 mortheol GemmyF
I'd do it in bit sized chunks it changes so much. Actually if I was going to do the 2nd track that's how I'd do it, maybe try playing all the way through and the taking out bad parts and re recording those areas. It's really hard not sitting in the room together on a impromptu piece like this
August 16 2016 17:40:57
Cool Folkyness to this. I like this very much Master Gemmy :) Cool jam !

August 16 2016 17:40:47
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
awesome Gemmy! I've been doing the same thing lately...Making up tunings and then writing something with it...trouble is remembering the tunings...haha I forgot to write the first ones it will be hit or miss ever playing it again...the way it was originally...but THIS sounds great....and just what is the tuning used?
+0 August 16 2016 17:48:39 Major 3rd Major 3rd
I love the well priced guitarss...I have a 30.00 BC Rich...bought at pawn it..improvising! way to go! cheeers
August 16 2016 17:44:01 Major 3rd GemmyF
I have two guitars to this tuning and acoustic and a $100 Epi SG. Have to used two sets of strings. As my high E goes to G. So I just can't re-tune the guitar I usually play---Busted strings! Plus the tension on the neck!
August 16 2016 17:57:32 Major 3rd GemmyF
they serve a function that is for sure but they always have the worst pickups and hardware and few knob options. Wished I could afford to put some Lace Alumintones in mine. and four knobs so and can tweak sound between pick ups, also a 4 way switch to have a series mode....dreaming again.

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