Soliloquy For Two

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I added my thoughts for this great music, this early morning.
Did the mix this afternoon and evening.
It's a wonderful pianosounding track Caroljoyce and I hope you can like what i did, also with the mix. :-)


a great thank Franky, i realize now, that my celtic harp and many many other instruments from here could match with it. It's true that i will buy a new electro-acoustic harp and a recording set... but, i will have to wait until febrary ;-) for the manufacture of the instrument.
Meanwhile, for the next upload, i will do some efforts to clean the sound.
Thank you, for the jam, (and time spent) : too nice !
August 17 2016 20:13:05
frankyguitar Thank you my dear. Yes, for me ist was very interessting to see what can I do with the sound and what do work. I was surprised that this crunchy distorted sound so well fits. Only the pegel is to note! Was a Great pleasure to work with your music. :) No pressure about better gears or so . Importend is the fun :) +1
August 18 2016 10:53:08
Caroljoyce yes, your "crunchy distorted sound" are pretty are delicious... lol... like corn flakes floating on milk in the morning... ;-) +1
Super cool mix here ! Sounds really cool, I would / could not have guessed this would work so very well. Highly enjoyable Franky !+1
August 17 2016 09:25:48
frankyguitar Thank you Chris, very nice you did enjoyed this:) +0
You have gotten to the point where you can add some cool parts to many different types of music... well played franky :)+1
August 17 2016 09:31:39
frankyguitar Thank you very much Bruce !! It's damn good for me to hear this from you !! :D. I really appreciate your words :) +0
Distort guitar sound that dropped the volume to match the piano is a good atmosphere.+1
August 17 2016 09:33:03
frankyguitar Hey Kei, thanks my friend. I spend some time to find the right volume :) +0
Very cool idea on this. Unique!+1
August 17 2016 09:34:49
frankyguitar Thanx very much Gary!! :) I think you could right, have never listen stuff like this. Was an experiment :) +0
Franky you expresses himself with his guitar, very good ,friend :)+1
August 17 2016 09:37:39
frankyguitar Thank very much Xavi!! I always try this !! With with varying degrees of success. I'm very pleased you think it's good, thanx my friend!! :) +1
Very good Frank. Perfect soft volume match, subtle but very much present:)
Cool title!
August 17 2016 09:41:48
frankyguitar Thank you very much Ron!! I spend some time for the mix. The title, yes me seems this are two Monologe die aber doch auch irgendwie ein Dialog sind. :) Thanx very much for your toughts :) +1
Very good mixing, just in the background!!!! And the guitar sound is very cool. Nice one Franky!+1
August 17 2016 09:48:39
frankyguitar Hallo TG, guten Morgen. It's Great you like it ! :) Nur so hat es für mich funktioniert, im Background. Sonst wäre es too much. Aber auch nicht zu leise, es sollte auch halbwegs ausgewogen sein. Nur schade das die Harve etwas verrauscht ist. Aber Alice will ja ein bisschen investieren..... :) +1
Please, tell me what "the pegel" is... And, about this track, the more i listen to it, the more your guitar sounds like a bagpipe to me...doesn't it ? "celtic Spirit" haunts me as Titi might say...;)
August 18 2016 16:26:50
frankyguitar Sorry Alice, I mean the volume of my guitar. It's not a backpipe :) Trust me. But yes, the sound is a bit like one. I have added my guitar to some tracks with that sound. I Love it :) this Celtics has really some very nice vibs. It gives always a special feeling :) +1
Very creative franky the mix and sound is really good and shows you put a lot of heart and time into it well done my friend :):)+1
August 18 2016 16:31:05
frankyguitar Hey Peter, thanx very much! :) Yes I spend some time for it, with heart and feel! This wonderful harp from Alice touches me..... :) +1

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