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guitar riff
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early genisis, native american


very cool stuff :)+0
You put on quite the production... this one is very catchy !!+1
August 18 2016 16:38:47
GemmyF I do it for myself as I love to hear it is such a big space. I have the setup in a room. I don't use powerful amps--Except my old old Peavy KB amp can really blast--I run my piezo into that and if I bring my Roland GR-33 I run a line into that too. It's nice to have a fat organ filling the sound in some or a syth pad. My outputs on that unit are really iffy though they have to be just right to get the connection to "come out" Someone probably stepped on my chords right where those come out. I've taken it apart but couldn't see how I could 'Fix" it. I wished I could record in a good way, the room I play when I do,(usually straight into computer) It sounds awesome--I just have two mics and two inputs to the computer. I really need to have an 8 or 10 track analog to Digital usb or firewire but constantly broke, TAXES, windstorm insurance, life insurance, Fee for buying forced healthcare(which I don't need), MORE Taxes, and I play too much and don't work enough! +0
Great Gemmy :)+1
I feel like I just listened to George HARRISON.+0
August 18 2016 02:52:46
GemmyF You def didn't! (HeHe) as they say round these parts. Thanks! Adam! +0
Wow, that was really great:)+0
August 17 2016 16:54:36
GemmyF Thank You! +1
August 17 2016 17:51:08
GemmyF This a kind of piece I'd do at an art gallery in town, when I'm by myself, on an opening night for a show or a first friday 'Artwalk" downtown. It is a little demanding for gazing at artwork, but maybe that's why they don't ask me back all the time or they feel bad because I do it for free and I think I've gotten a $1 tip sonce I've done it on at least 5 occasions. I bring 5 amps and 4 guitars(not for loudness but for surround sound(s) +1
Oh, I love this one!+0
wow, very cool Guitar playing my friend ;o)+0
Major 3rd
very cool composition!!!! ;O) nice picking & strumming.+1
August 17 2016 06:08:48
Major 3rd
GemmyF at least it's got a good looking wave at the top. +0
August 17 2016 06:03:16
Major 3rd
GemmyF thanks! +0

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