Now that I've seen You

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GemmyF804 jams Supporter
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Wow what a gem from the archives!!!!!
laid 2 guitars on this great a capella vocal by Nailsin and MalCo's cool electro-ron-ica vibe. If you can't jam this I'm worried!


August 20 2016 12:53:02
About time someone added to this...thanks your free flowing style...sounds slightly dissonant to my ears ..(not a criticism...I like the oddness)...probably because my bass add is in a major your add minor!!! Anyway thanks for resurrecting this track.
+0 August 20 2016 13:50:08 MalCo GemmyF
Maybe. min9 or 13th. It kind of has a James White and the Blacks feel to it, be cool to get a sax to diss-sonate with! I've played on 3 of Nailsin's tracks. I think he really has a spark!
August 19 2016 17:44:52
Really excellent singer. I take it he's no longer on the loops. Super add!
+0 August 19 2016 18:07:15 garymcmill GemmyF
No he responded back to me, said he'd resing if I'D send the music. I've already come up with a progression for him and I to build! PM'd him waiting now! Working on a piece he did with OliVbee on keys. Yeah he is great on that one where the music was already played.
August 19 2016 14:52:25
Excellent :)

August 19 2016 14:14:42
Another great one here!:)
I agree with Carol, I like this sort of "Dead Pan" vocal style. Fits great with the music here:D

August 19 2016 10:54:45
I love this style of singing, somewhat nonchalant. Thus, creating an interesting contrast with the feeling expressed in the song. Bravo !
+0 August 19 2016 16:43:29 Caroljoyce Caroljoyce
Beautiful words. So true. Thanks for this musical add Gemmy.
August 19 2016 16:24:05 Caroljoyce GemmyF
Nailsin sings kind of like Depeche Mode, without their whiny characteristics. I heard it and Kind of like when I heard your harp playing, want to be part of it.
August 19 2016 16:38:39 Caroljoyce GemmyF
Yes I am a fiend! I love the unique, and the individualist approach to music as I think it relates more, than trying to be something you(we) are not. So when we honestly do what come natural to ourselves we become more universal if people have ears to hear.(big if sometimes)
August 19 2016 16:34:17 Caroljoyce Caroljoyce
ohoh Great Lord of my both ears,;)... Be careful sir, you seem to be addicted to that stuff : the curse of themagnetic power of the music.;) ;)
August 19 2016 06:17:33
superb !!

August 19 2016 05:44:52
If you want to you can post your music without my vocals and then I'll re-do my vocals to your tracks.
+0 August 19 2016 05:52:34 Nailsin GemmyF
Dude This Recording is so cool! I don't have access to that groovy electronic bass thing Malco did. This really Cool.
August 19 2016 04:57:46
Very cool archival find. I've found a few by digging. There are so many great songs on this site it's impossible to hear them all.
+2 August 19 2016 08:30:04 2underpar 2underpar
August 19 2016 05:06:59 2underpar GemmyF
i found it by listening to your track you just did
August 19 2016 04:45:05
Very cool !! It's jammin for sure !!
+1 August 19 2016 04:49:46 WHITEPONGO WHITEPONGO
Has a good groove to it!
August 19 2016 04:47:58 WHITEPONGO GemmyF
Thanks Chris I can't really contain myself on this one. two 1 takes! this thing was so inspiring!

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