Coffee Song

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Added separately in case bongos are not your cup of tea.


September 25 2016 11:34:39
slonyatkoslonyatko Yeah, drums and bongos make the piece!
+1 September 26 2016 17:38:01 slonyatkoBothen
Thanks Slon!
August 24 2016 11:01:40
gwailoahgwailoah love the bongos, nice track here!
+1 August 27 2016 00:15:13 gwailoahBothen
Thanks Gwail!!
August 22 2016 19:20:08
StefStef WoW!! Cherry on the cake..:)
+1 August 22 2016 20:24:04 StefBothen
Thanks much Stef!!
August 20 2016 07:45:17
aleonzaleonz This is really cool, that bongos gives a very happy feel to this track, with your cool drums track, this is kickin just like that cup of coffee !
+2 August 22 2016 20:23:05 aleonzBothen
Thank you very much aleonz!!
August 19 2016 20:08:03
BalfoBalfo This rocks Ron, thanks a lot!
+1 August 19 2016 21:27:25 BalfoBothen
Always fun Blafo!!
August 19 2016 19:55:30
GemmyFGemmyF cup of java, cup of tea
I like my stimulation in the morning,
and not, and not, caffenine free,
the jolt is what I'm after,from a long night's slumber.

GREAT Beating Ron! Love--plan to sing something maybe the above if I can move it from the mundane to the sublime somehow.

+3 August 19 2016 21:31:03 GemmyFGemmyF
Ha! Not a death metal kind of guy!
August 19 2016 21:27:00 GemmyFBothen
Thanks Jim, just don't change it to Death Metal.
August 19 2016 18:53:21
Ernie440Ernie440 haha cool Ron, I like the added drum track, but the bongos really help finish the sound, nice one man!! I love bongos, bongos rule, bottom line for me. Plus, this is the coffee song, so bongos are almost a prerequisite :) ;)
+1 August 19 2016 21:26:15 Ernie440Bothen
Thanks Ernie..This song has a whimsical feel to me, just a happy feeling.

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