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Remix step #3 (playing)
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GemmyF599 jams Supporter
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Mark's outstanding play
plus Jaybird's(keyboardist in my old band) smooth progression
here is a remix of Mark's(FishinMissio) playing
His Mix Is really great. I wanted a chance to see what it would be like with all the players tweaked and panned. After listening a day later Mark's mix is more Powerful in that the Sax takes more prominence in the mix, I tried to open things up so all things can be heard, not equally, but heard. Sure all sets of tracks could have a multitude of mix solutions. These 2 are interesting in their contrasts.
The only thing I can really say is that it's too short! Could enjoy these tracks for much longer.


August 20 2016 19:31:46
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler good job:)

August 20 2016 17:38:06
UloisiusUloisius absolut cool ;o)

August 20 2016 15:44:17
PsychoPsycho Let's see what are you playing here... lol. The mixer? No matter what it might be, sounds great GF !!
+0 August 20 2016 15:51:48 PsychoGemmyF
You and me and a dog named boooo
August 20 2016 15:50:17 PsychoPsycho
Ok, I'll get it straight one of these days :) I'm old ya know, so be easy on me... lol
August 20 2016 15:48:38 PsychoGemmyF
2 guitar parts. and the mix.
August 20 2016 15:00:08
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens Nice mix certainly.........

August 20 2016 14:46:19
TofzegritTofzegrit So Cool
Bubbles Guitars, Liquid Keys, Flying Sax
another way not so far from Sex, Drugs & Rock'n Roll :)
Class work, nice jam, great music

+1 August 20 2016 14:49:33 TofzegritGemmyF
You covered all the points! yes!

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