Chardonnay and Merlot..Oh My

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So I heard this template from Mario after work today, but had to attend a housewarming party for one of my wife's friends. It was fun. I usually like my beer ..but tonight it was wine..Chardonnay( small bottle) and Merlot (another small bottle) :)..then home to play some sax to this template before getting up early tomorrow am to fish. I left some holes (Hopefully in the right spots) for join-age.. Shame on me...don't drink and play..But I had a great's my Friday night :) Thanks Mario for the fun template :)


August 27 2016 02:34:21
RickplayerRickplayer Nice one Mark

August 24 2016 18:43:35
Mike_66Mike_66 Soulful as always. I could listen to your play all night long.
+1 August 27 2016 22:06:08 Mike_66Fishinmissio
Thanks Mike..:)
August 21 2016 23:23:56
piperpiper Nice and smooth :)
+1 August 27 2016 22:06:24 piperFishinmissio
Thanks piper!
August 21 2016 15:18:34
StefStef Great sax lines Mark, fine playing with feeling! :)
+1 August 27 2016 22:06:53 StefFishinmissio
Thanks Stef. Trying to loosen up a bit :)
August 21 2016 15:13:46
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Yes Mark, really excellent sax! I really Love your unagitated moody playing. Nice Spots you leave too! High enjoyable track you both!! :)

August 21 2016 14:30:40
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler fantastic:)

August 21 2016 12:02:51
GlezBassGlezBass Like good wine, this jam is really good ... maturity and good taste in the line sax, totally stuck in the groove of the jam, magnifico!

August 21 2016 10:07:38
PewiPewi superb sax sound !:)

August 21 2016 08:58:45
UloisiusUloisius sounds very cool ;o)

August 21 2016 08:10:06
TofzegritTofzegrit I confessed to Psy about finding some lost weed and playing with Cody yesterday, you and your wine, Marceys with his "preparations".... Strange Place with weird People here :) :)

I will listen to your tracks later (not because of the weed...) you go fishing I just go to feed the fridge!!

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