Identity (Kenny's song cover)

Remix step #5 (playing)


Funkystan111 jams Supporter
+ 21
Kenny, Martin and Dan. One of the ultimate Wiki-bands.
This is just a superb job guys and I thank you ^^

I was wondering where I should upload this track as far as it's a cover. An authorized one ;)
I upload it here as a vocal add to kenny's track 'cause it may lead you to listen to kenny's track and ask him to sing and record some more, 'cause he is a good song writer and singer ^^

I first recorded it 5 months ago and listening back to it this summer during a trip, I've decided that I should record it back and share it.

I do hope it works. Anyway it was a pleasure to play with these great musicians.

Many thanks to Kenny's girlfriend ;)
Cool to be back and record ^^


September 06 2016 10:25:58
bien joué stan
+1 September 06 2016 10:48:04 wikibeb Funkystan
Merci beaucoup Beb'^^
August 28 2016 07:33:29
francisco alfrancisco al
ótimo trabalho Funkystan
+1 August 29 2016 14:15:52 francisco al Funkystan
Thanks a lot my friend ^^
August 24 2016 12:47:01
Very nice one stan :)
+1 August 24 2016 14:11:10 GuitarPlyr Funkystan
Thanks a lot Pal^^
August 23 2016 04:03:44
Great remix! Rocking it!!!
+1 August 23 2016 10:40:38 afnermarin Funkystan
Hi, Many thanks ^^
August 22 2016 20:05:27
An excellent and emotional performance from you, Stan.
Great band-sound, too :)

+1 August 22 2016 21:39:14 Carpenter Funkystan
Hi Chris, thanks a lot^^
August 22 2016 17:39:29
What a Song! Guys it´s awesome for sure! Very good singing Stan!! Cool track :)
+1 August 22 2016 18:13:48 adu Funkystan
Many thanks Adu^^
And for sure I'm a lucky singer ^^
August 22 2016 15:58:51
Oh my Stan! The 5 long months is VERY LONG! But thank goodness you have uploaded this, and you know how much I was dying just for you to get this thing uploaded.

Can't do some tracks now and it depresses me. I was depressed for not being to play with you guys, but thanks for this Stan, it eased my feeling a lot :)

+1 August 22 2016 16:03:13 kennyadry Funkystan
Hi Kenny^^
I've recorded it back. This is a new version. But what the hell are you doing? I need you here man, this is just a beginning ^^
I'm gonna send you the Wav track. Say hello to your girlfriend from me!
Thanks again Bro' ^^
August 23 2016 17:11:47 kennyadry kennyadry
Got it! :) Thank you much man!
August 22 2016 15:37:15
Great sound.
+1 August 22 2016 15:59:02 cschlote Funkystan
Thanks a lot pal. Great band here! A better work on the sounding could be cool 'cause the template sounds a bit better ^^
August 22 2016 13:37:03
fantastic Stan, this song was highly appreciated with Kenny, you gives a great touch, I love, I'll try my track guitar here to see if it fits... Thanks friend :)
+1 August 22 2016 14:59:03 ivax Funkystan
Hi Xavi, thanks a lot. It would be great. I've first recorded it with some guitars and I've left some room ^^
August 22 2016 09:58:22
great Stan!
+1 August 22 2016 10:03:22 rp3drums Funkystan
Hi Ray, thanks a lot!
Cool to be on your last wiki-album!
I'm listening to new tracks of yours now ^^
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