Does The Phenix Know his Fate ?

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Inspired by this text. May i ask for drums, and if the cello of Claudia would ever appear to do the ligato ...or the "tiny harp" of Titi... Have a good jam my new friends. Rising phoenix /Colleen Houck Does Rising Phoenix know his fate? He’s born, grows strong, and learns to fly. He builds a nest and seeks a mate, He sleeps and thirsts and hunts the sky. Does he know his future blazes? A quelling flame will take his life? When purging heat the ...
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classical, worl, celtic harp


beyond beautiful+1
August 23 2016 10:18:37
Caroljoyce Merci à toi Akchen. Tant mieux si ça te plaît. +1
Superbe harpe encore une fois :)
Et merci pour l'invit'. J'ai hâte de t'écouter avec du son.. Tu vas rendre tous les musiciens completly crazy !
Mais je ne veux pas t'embêter avec ça :)
August 25 2016 10:53:13
Caroljoyce Moi aussi j'ai hâte. Mais il faudra attendre février, ma harpe est en fabrication. Merci pour ton soutien Mon Cher Titi. +1
August 25 2016 11:09:31
titi Je serai donc à l'affût :) +1
very nice to hear a harp
I like it
August 27 2016 11:41:23
Caroljoyce Thank very much. And Nice to meet you too, Mando ! +0
Lovely, Carol!+1
August 30 2016 11:02:04
Caroljoyce Thank you Liesching. Nevertheless, don't hesitate to show me some faults. I also expect from all of you some very constructive criticism that could make improve my playing... ;-) +1
Very nice ;o)+1
August 31 2016 22:17:55
Caroljoyce Nice to meet you Uloisius.(nice name you have, that sounds like the name of a great king of an ancient world...) +1
September 01 2016 07:41:06
Uloisius This is actually just a fantasy name I had given me on facebook.
(I had at that time with Facebook logged here).
The name is then just stayed ;o)
You make very beautiful music ;o)
Very nice job !!+1
September 02 2016 11:12:09
Caroljoyce thank you, pleased to have enjoyed your little ears... ;-) +1
Very pretty work Carol... enjoyed very much !!+1
September 07 2016 10:42:23
Caroljoyce Thanx very much for your support Psycho ! +0
Beautiful piece Carol :D+1
Fantastic clarity and feel..I like this :)+1
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