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September 01 2016 01:58:36
I like this Jim. I'm very close to finishing the drum track, and its feeling pretty good.
+0 September 01 2016 02:25:29 Frankisaur GemmyF
Alright! Cool!
August 25 2016 04:07:29
Very good one. Like the sound and composition

August 23 2016 19:11:42
You're crazy Jim..., crazy talented that is. Sweet piece.

August 23 2016 18:35:15
I skiped to this level...and low & behold Fabulousness awaits me:D
Gemmy you are like some of my favorite bands, singers, and guitar players all wrapped up into this "Musical Gemmy Ball":D
What an impressive song, impressive voice, impressive playing, and arrangement...all of it!!:)

+1 August 23 2016 18:54:13 mortheol GemmyF
Thanks Ron Really appreciate that! This was one the band i was in never would or could do for some reason,(at one part they kept trying to count, on, how many beats ...and I just couldn't explain it to them.... I'd play it over and over, but it never made sense--so it had been canned for the band--I'll do it when I'm playing at an art walk or coffee shop by myself---but none of the beautiful extra stuff a band affords--we had a great sax player and he could really have done great on this) thought I'd try and do a redo and build up myself if there were no adds (I find it really hard doing it on my own though --love other's input)
August 23 2016 19:06:51 mortheol mortheol
I hear ya'!! I've been working on a few of your other tracks with that special tuning. Some of it sounded really good..other parts are way off. It was much harder than I thought...but I haven't thrown in the towel yet:) I have my ideas saved and am trying to break it down like you told me. In a weird way I am actually looking forward to this winter (I am in the north---snow belt) and am snowed in. It gives me a good excuse to be lazy, practice guitar, and focus on music:D
August 23 2016 17:31:55
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
Hey Gemmy!!! oh yes....this is superb! great the lyrics, singing, playing...Just a great template...great work!
+0 August 23 2016 18:27:28 Major 3rd GemmyF
Thanks Craig!!!!
August 23 2016 16:53:21
would like to hear your voice more loud, it´s fab :)
+0 August 23 2016 16:57:09 AKchen GemmyF
Thanks, yeah the 2nd voice got a little lost. Thanks! Thanks for the helpful tip too!
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