My Savior My God

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August 23 2016 18:47:21
mortheolmortheol Wonderful affirmation Mark!:)
Beautiful song:)

+0 August 24 2016 01:34:21 mortheolWikimark
Thanks for the support :)
August 23 2016 17:22:22
jmrukkersjmrukkers Beautiful song
+0 August 24 2016 01:35:59 jmrukkersWikimark
Thanks for the compliment :)
August 23 2016 16:55:09
GemmyFGemmyF Mark, this sounds like the practice room with my drummer and me, when the band was kind of waning in enthusiasm and no one was showing up, we would end up shooting from the spirit, our enjoyment of Him. We always left encouraged, just like i am by your post here!
+0 August 24 2016 01:33:37 GemmyFWikimark
Thanks I'm at a moment in between job changes so going thru some funk right now......Ironically after posting this song me last employer called offering me a job at higher pay rate then I was making before. God was truly listening in on this. When I recorded this the first time the vocals sound changed half way thru and was 2 octaves lower for no apparent reason..must be the devil....freaked me out....
August 24 2016 01:39:14 GemmyFGemmyF
Some times it takes a bit to blow him away. Knock and keep knocking, ask and keep asking. Happy for your employment! Much Blessings!
August 23 2016 16:55:04
AKchenAKchen I have trouble to fix a special god dear,a man or something ;) but I believe such a phenomen must exsist... thank you ... it´s beautiful :)
+0 August 24 2016 01:34:43 AKchenWikimark
It's ok.
August 23 2016 16:16:45
cody trippcody tripp LOVE IT !!
+3 August 24 2016 01:35:23 cody trippWikimark
Thanks Cody a little out of my norm going thru a funk :)

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