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What a track. Oli, JMB and Pitt are just wonderful on this tune. Such feel and grace made it hard to give it the justice I could hear it needed in my head! I recorded this over a week ago but have only just got a chance to edit and mix it.

Anyway, brushes were a forgone conclusion for me - it needed their delicacy. My brushes are not in the best condition and keep knotting up but they held out for this! I'm also using my Pro-Mark 'sizzler' on the ride to try and give a riveted cymbal sound.

I figured out the main section changes in the tune but made a point of mostly jamming it, responding as best I could to the track. To feel my way through it as best I could to try and lend it a late-night, closing time jam feel.

Anyway, here it is. It could be cleaner in places, especially on the section changes but I hope I've captured the essence of the track.


No reverb, compression or level mastering on the HD mix.


March 22 2017 20:28:21
this is great playing from you,the others too but you did a great empatic style what makes me realy happy, congratulations

October 30 2016 04:21:33
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho, mpointon. perfeito encaixe de bateria. ótimo

September 10 2016 16:27:35
what a gorgeous track and a great band :)
...your airy and sensitive drums give the right touch here, Martin.

August 31 2016 19:12:33
I just heard the version of Daf and now yours, and it's like you choose to cut your left hand or right ... two wonderful versions of groove, sound and professionalism on drums

August 31 2016 09:38:50
martin! juhuuuu!...just heard your brush-version of this song...mr.drumming-buddy this is awesome. timing, sound and musicality is top-class. love it!!!
+1 August 31 2016 11:20:34 Dafunkydrummer mpointon
Thank you, Klaus! That means a lot to me :) :)
August 30 2016 07:41:10
Such sensitive drumming that ties this all together so well. Can't wait for the real thing.
+1 August 30 2016 11:09:18 Wade mpointon
Thank you, Wade! Two days now! :) :)
August 24 2016 21:43:46
Top fresh jazzy drums! Amazing!! You really can play all styles, Martin!!! :)
+1 August 25 2016 00:11:41 pkliesch mpointon
Thank you Pat. :) I've some of your tracks on my backlog!!! :)
August 24 2016 18:41:49
Pit BrettPit Brett
What a nice surprise! :) Thank you for joining with your pro drumming :)
+1 August 25 2016 00:10:44 Pit Brett mpointon
You're welcome and thank you!!! Cannot wait for Steinfeld! :)
August 24 2016 17:57:04

August 24 2016 15:15:05
I like your brush-work! It's such a great style, thx!
+1 August 24 2016 15:17:30 JMB65 mpointon
Thank you! Loving your bass work on this track!! :)

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