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Hi everybody :) Its another undefinable track... so the loops is the place for it. I reaaaaaaaally miss to have time for playing :) I made a mix from a lot of styles here. It has many flavors like funk, Brazilian, baroque, classical and a little bit jazz. So I used the harpsichord instead of the clavs to groove around the theme. The strings leads the party and the piano sound makes a support. Hope you guys like my musical experience. Thanks for hearing cause if ...


Yet another fantastic piece of music Peixe ! :) :)+1
August 25 2016 21:36:00
Marcelo D Thank you so much Rob. I am not having much time to be here. Good to see you as the first to comment. Glad you liked :) +0
Fabulastic piece...!!! :)+1
August 25 2016 21:36:46
Marcelo D hahahaha Send me a portuguese new word JJ... Thnx mate!!! +0
Great template Peixi. Wonderful sound and chords. :)+1
August 25 2016 21:37:22
Marcelo D Hey Peter. nice to see you around. Glad you liked bud :) +1
Great composition Marcello! Supercool sounds and your playing top notch!
Drummers, bassplayers! Jump in!
August 25 2016 21:39:19
Marcelo D Hey Marc. I like this top notch talk. Cool words. Glad you liked my friend. Its a different kind of song. Dont know if guys will jump in that much. anyway I had fun doing it. +1
This track contained a wonderful sweet & spicy colors, With that romantic emotion kind of Marcelo signature. ..made this track sounds very rich..very cool dynamic, and that 2:24 excellent wayto hand it over back to that mellow it all the way, fantastic ! Excellent way to spent your off day ­čśŐ+1
August 25 2016 21:44:37
Marcelo D Hey Al. Is my signature a romantic emotion? Coooooo!!!! hahaha this is really a rich sound. sometimes I need to hold myself not to overmake my tracks with so many different ideas that doesnt seem to conect to each other.
That 2:24 was a little challenge on the track. It was hard to finish it. I hope I have a lot of days offs to play more and to stay here. Your compliments are so kind that they give me strength to keep producing my tracks. Thank you so much :)
Very nice!+1
August 25 2016 21:45:19
Marcelo D Thnx! :) +0
WOnderful track Peixe!!+1
August 25 2016 21:45:41
Marcelo D Thanks bro. nice to see you around. :) +0
Great mix styles tracks Marcelo, thumbs!+1
August 25 2016 21:46:17
Marcelo D Great Mario! Thanks for hearing bro! glad you liked this crazy mix hahahaha :) +1
Major 3rd
excellent! reminds me a lil of 80's....very cool!+1
August 25 2016 21:47:49
Major 3rd
Marcelo D hey major. maybe because I was born back in 1980. We always hold our birth decade on our sounding. Glad you liked!!! +0
Too good... will make an interesting jam for others to hit on :)+1
August 25 2016 21:50:18
Marcelo D Hey Psy. So glad you liked. I hope some buds join the fun! +1

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