Optic Nerve

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abuitremorem312 jams Supporter
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mortheol231 jams Supporter
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I made this experimental madness to reflect my current frame of mind....

I've had one of those days (...& weeks) where at the end of it the "optic nerve" in my eye was twitching from all the insanity of life.

So to this great track from Patty and Rene, I have added the sound of my optic nerve twitching in my head, the sound of my head banging on the wall, and an additional choir of angles singing for my poor soul.

Please enjoy if possible...Be warned lots of low bass tones!!


August 27 2016 12:35:57
absolut cool ;o)
+1 August 27 2016 13:42:05 Uloisius mortheol
Thanks Uli, it was something different:)
August 27 2016 01:59:39
Hey Ron,cool track,but heavy stuff,hope things get better soon for you buddy
+1 August 27 2016 13:40:54 petebass mortheol
Thanks Pete..sorry for the heavy, sometimes that is life. Hoping things smooth out:)
August 27 2016 14:31:25 petebass petebass
Take a line from my track "just grab a beer and chill",:);)
August 27 2016 14:56:00 petebass mortheol
Yep...I had a few of those last night:D
August 27 2016 15:11:21 petebass petebass
August 26 2016 10:46:46
great sound!!!!! so perfect... we can feel how the optic nerve works!!! congrat!!!:) :D
+1 August 27 2016 01:55:30 jjdf mortheol
Thanks very much JJ:)
Glad you liked it!
August 25 2016 21:35:38
Your idea is great! I can understand the whole thing out of my work lives. Piper shows the target. Then come the many brakeman, prevent everything. one can only wait annoyed. Thanks Ron :)
+2 August 26 2016 02:44:31 abuitremorem mortheol
Thanks Rene, I am happy you liked it and understand my meaning:)
August 25 2016 18:38:51
Just breathe Ron.
Excellent expression on how we all feel at times.

+1 August 25 2016 18:48:47 garymcmill mortheol
Thanks Gary!:)
It is true, sometimes I have to stop and tell myself to just chill and breath:)
August 25 2016 10:22:25
GREAT add Ron !! And fantastic mix too!! Fantastic and unique music art !! Great work all together :) pure enjoyment
+1 August 25 2016 18:47:17 frankyguitar mortheol
Thanks Frank, I almost deleted this!! I just wasn't sure last night:o
But today after some rest is sounds cool:D
August 25 2016 22:33:53 frankyguitar frankyguitar
more than cool my friend :)
August 25 2016 09:42:10
super add Ron, cool track !!!! :)
+1 August 25 2016 18:45:29 AKchen mortheol
Danke Dir Andrea:)
August 25 2016 07:04:28
madness but cool, love it.
+1 August 25 2016 18:44:26 davidaustin mortheol
Thanks Dave...I am really not sure what I was doing here...but oddly today it sounds OK:)
August 26 2016 16:06:19 davidaustin piper
August 25 2016 05:37:40
Drink more water, Awesome expression! Your insanity has pulled this piece together!
Really Great! Look away!

+1 August 25 2016 18:43:13 GemmyF mortheol
Maybe I just need to drink more..LOL:)
Thanks Gem:)
August 25 2016 05:14:24
+1 August 25 2016 18:42:14 josepssv mortheol
Gracias Jose:)
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