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Started with some intro chords and managed to get something in a different vibe after that. Than got back to the sort of intro part and than the vibe again. As a bridge i played something with another feel too and ended with the intro as an outro... :) After that I layed some clav and brass on some parts to give it something extra.. hope it's cool to play some drums, bass, guitar, saxxes and vocals to it! :) cheers, Marc


Interestingly track :)+1
August 26 2016 16:58:00
Marceys Think it is a very basic track that can become something with some influence of others! ::) +1
yep , a cool harmonics stuff.
There's something cool to do with this !
(add to playlist for future bass playing )
August 26 2016 16:59:49
Marceys That is cool to hear leduf! Think it can be become something cool, for the bassplayers it will need some drums first don't you think? +1
August 26 2016 22:23:31
leduf yep , you're right.
for me, there is two groove style in this song, slow / cool and other part with very speed thing (lol)!
That's really fun . An exciting to test !

You're a good compositor, really., marcey.
I have a friend, very good friend which is very very good too , inspirating me.
Paylingin Amyssis and vydiss (french band)
Much for playing !! Super Great job.+1
August 26 2016 17:01:11
Marceys Open to everyone! :) that is something i try to obtain all the time! :) +0
Virgin landscape, sounds already great :)
I like the brass and this little rhodes
I will be good to join this !!!
The Clav always makes me smile, like it would say "hey Tof" :) :)
No it's up to contributors
August 26 2016 17:04:13
Marceys You always know a way to respond in a cool way and you feel how I play a track! Leaving space for other musicians to make the track cool!
I love to create something where others can join easily and make it better! :) thanks Tof, have a good weekend and we will meet in a week, it's getting close again! :)
The green part remind me the keys of Mike Mainieri " Steps ahead ".
Great playing as usual Marc :)
August 26 2016 17:06:02
Marceys Mike Mainieri, didn't know him but than there's google! :)
It would be cool to hear a vibaphone on the track for sure! :) are there any on the Loops? :)
August 26 2016 17:21:39
titi One Legend !
Play with Michael Brecker and Mike Stern :)
Great layers of styles Marc - another great listen :)+1
August 26 2016 17:07:02
Marceys Thanks a lot Paul! Some basic layering ready to be filled by other cool instruments! :) +0
Very fine Marc!! Lovely track :)+1
August 26 2016 17:07:58
Marceys Thanks a lot franky! Hope to hear some adds on the track to make it better! :) +1
August 26 2016 17:27:29
frankyguitar Me too:) +1
Great job putting this together !!!!+1
August 26 2016 17:08:45
Marceys Thanks Psycho! Making things up is a cool way to do and i hope it will be cool for others too indeed! :) +0
Cheers! I hear Stevie Wonder sing on this... :D top work!+1
August 26 2016 17:10:22
Marceys Thanks Moor, Stevie was in my backyard this afternoon and he said he would not be offended if you would take his place for this track! :) so please do! :) :) +1
super !!! :)+1
August 26 2016 17:10:51
Marceys Thanks a lot! Would be great to hear some german vocals here! :) +0

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