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Too much pain and suffering at this time in the land in which I live, I want to just play something soft and melodic. Thanks DFD for the fantastic slow drums track Rhodes and Hammond Thanks for listening
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So sad to saw the news for what happened, I know how that sudden tragedy ripped so much in a blink of an eye, cos It happened a lot in my country too, and I used to go down to those places for social work, still remember how the feeling, it squeezed my heart, something that you can't describe with words, and through this track you speak those feeling louder than the words can say. I'm glad you are safe Stef! and thank you for this beautiful track+2
August 26 2016 20:23:15
Stef Thank you so much Alice. Are terrible events that leave a deep wound around and especially within us +0
Fantastic! Beautiful! Yes what a tragedy...+1
August 26 2016 00:47:34
Stef Thank you so much Ake! Images that are bad for the heart +2
Lovely piece Steff, sorry what happened in Italia,acompaño en el sentimiento esas familias destrozadas por la tragedia+1
August 26 2016 00:49:19
Stef Gracias Xavi! I still feel within me the damn shock +0
August 26 2016 00:55:21
ivax you live in the area of the earthquake? +0
August 26 2016 01:00:30
Stef I live in Rome and the quake was very strong here but I love those villages now destroyed and I have a small house not far from those areas +1
August 26 2016 01:03:43
ivax It is sad, I've spent something similar here in Spain +0
August 26 2016 01:06:24
ivax but not with that so devastating intensity +0
It's beautiful Stef... so worthy of some very melodic additions :) a keeper !!+1
August 26 2016 00:50:11
Stef Thank you so much dear Bruce! :) +1
Very soothing....+1
August 26 2016 00:51:15
Stef Thanks a lot Gary! :) +0
Gorgeous song Stef. It brings the peace that the hearts need in this hard times. Great feeling. Congrats for the beautiful track!+1
August 26 2016 20:12:35
Marcelo D
Stef Thank you so much Marcelo! +1
Beautiful track stef. Too much pain ...... indeed+1
August 26 2016 20:13:04
Stef Thank you so much Chris! +0
Beautiful music for sad times my friend+1
August 26 2016 20:13:37
Stef Thank you so much dear Pete! +0
What a beautiful composition Stef. It really touches my heart to listen to it.
Maybe it´s because the pain and suffering among people is quite familiar to me when I look at my own country in these days. :) (happy-cry-smiley)
August 26 2016 20:16:39
Stef Thank you so much Peter! We're sorry for what is happening in your country , we have to hope for better times. +1
Beautiful work. So sorry Stef.+1
August 26 2016 20:17:17
Stef Thank you so much Piper! +1

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