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August 30 2016 01:38:38
DemianDemian I listen again some more times, and man, i cant stop smile you are like a freak blues Singer!! very creative, really like
+1 August 30 2016 01:48:54 DemianGemmyF
FREAK for sure!
August 27 2016 13:58:23
Ernie440Ernie440 cool blues Jimmy boy ..

August 26 2016 18:45:33
Major 3rdMajor 3rd cool!

August 26 2016 18:18:40
pniveiropniveiro Goose bumps Jim. Fantaaasaaastic !! :)
+1 August 30 2016 06:08:46 pniveiroGemmyF
Thanks Pablo! I got 'em just now listening!
August 26 2016 16:10:48
DemianDemian Hey man, really good!#!! Yo are a very good front man! and gives to this blues a new look. Like your style
+1 August 26 2016 16:14:49 DemianGemmyF
Yeah took a turn saw a storm coming went a different direction.
Also since we aren't supposed to do cover songs here on wikiloops, there was a detour I had to take.
August 26 2016 19:27:13 DemianDemian
Yes, always we need to search new answers
August 26 2016 10:11:51
WoodstockWoodstock Oh yeah Gemmy, very cool!! :)

August 26 2016 08:00:57
UloisiusUloisius wonderful Track Gemmy ... you got the Blues ;o)

August 26 2016 06:21:20
AKchenAKchen what cool (and intelligent) and funny song ;D
+0 August 26 2016 06:34:38 AKchenGemmyF
Thanks! Was just going to sing the comments on the template I downloaded the music from. I ran through it once and I didn't think it had the "it" factor. So I just shot from the hip. Had to go back and fix the pig slop part, it didn't roll out my mouth. I never really listen to blues words(mostly depressing) but I have absorbed the flavor/rhythm of them.
My wife is out of town so I'll probably have a sore throat in the next few days, I've heard so many things I've wanted to sing on but I make such a nuisance belting it out when she's doing other things around here.
August 26 2016 06:49:55 AKchenAKchen
:D I gave them all a thumb ;) thank you for explaining
August 26 2016 07:00:08 AKchenGemmyF
Oh yeah great playing!

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