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Actually I found these wonderful drum track when I was in the process of writing this song. The drums happened to fit perfectly so I just made the recording to the track. Thank you M.Pointon. I really enjoyed as well listening to your playing as using it to create this :) I think it could use a couple of adds. maybe some keyboards, saxophone or a vokal.


very cool ;o)+1
August 26 2016 13:04:34
Peterpingo Thank you very much Uloisius. :) +1
With Martin can you make excellents templates; like this jam....+1
August 26 2016 13:21:26
Peterpingo Thanks. Yes. I really liked this drum trak from the first moment. it has a nice feeling and some very cool breaks that will "lift up" any song. :) +2
rart at se andre danskere. awesome.
godt arbejde
August 26 2016 16:31:00
Peterpingo Tusind tak, Pedersen :) Ja vi er i undertal på dette forum. Det er nu lidt synd for alle de danske musikere, der ikke er her. For det her sted er AWESOME :) +0
oh thats super Peter! real nice ;O)+1
August 26 2016 19:09:19
Major 3rd
Peterpingo Thank U Major. Very glad you think so. :) +1
Great, wonderful and fantastic :)+1
August 26 2016 19:11:10
Peterpingo Thanks Friend. Very nice comment and words. Much appreciated. +1
lindo trabalho Peterpingo. legal+0

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