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Peixe112 jams Supporter
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Hi everybody :)
I hold this song for more than 10 years.
Its a very old 2 voice composition.
Its a piano piece that I worked for a very long time.
I see it as a totally unconventional kind of song.
As long as I love to try new things on my songs I consider this one an experience.
Today I just finished my post graduate studies and I felt like recording this piece all night long.
I was a little bit rusty so it gave me a lot of work to fit the rhythm from both hands together.
I hope you enjoy and have a good time listening to it.
Thanks for hearing :)
P.S. its very cool to be posting it today :) :) :)


August 30 2016 12:20:19
+1 September 12 2016 04:44:49 Liesching Peixe
Thanks Liesching!!! :)
August 28 2016 04:10:11
Fantastic !!
+1 August 28 2016 04:43:31 WHITEPONGO Peixe
it means a lot coming from you WP. Thanks!
August 27 2016 22:27:03
magnificent Marcelo, you have a capacity of creating charming :)
+1 August 28 2016 04:43:07 ivax Peixe
Hey Xavi. I don't even know what say but thank you so much. its good to hear that. It may be a talent. Glad you liked! :)
August 27 2016 21:05:19
Lovely track :) it growin' up in a great way
+1 August 28 2016 04:41:34 GuitarPlyr Peixe
Hey GP. I need to thank that you re always around. Thanks for hearing. Its a important song to me. :)
August 28 2016 13:56:14 GuitarPlyr GuitarPlyr
Yes I try to have attentive ears when you post track :)
August 27 2016 20:33:05
Great job !!
+1 August 28 2016 04:40:19 pniveiro Peixe
Thanks Pniveiro. :)
August 27 2016 18:11:10
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
very nice
+1 August 28 2016 04:40:00 Major 3rd Peixe
Thanks major. Glad you liked. :)
August 27 2016 15:52:44
...and you leave in the bottom drawer this wonderful track? Fantastic sound and creativity! So cool Marcelo!! :)
+1 August 28 2016 04:39:30 Stef Peixe
yes Stef... it was lost there with a lot of other stuff... I am learning to get back the things that are precious in my life. This song is one of them. It is part of my life, I played it a lot in the past... Thanks for hearing.
August 27 2016 15:30:36
A beautiful morning gift. Thank you.
+1 August 28 2016 04:37:12 ALawrence1 Peixe
Oh so god to know that you listened to it on your morning time. Its really a good vibe for starting the day. Glad you liked :)
August 27 2016 13:03:24
I will never get tired to tell you how I admire your beautiful musical piece of art, i couldnt find the right words that can cover how beautiful the sound that flew to my ears and it took me out to another space and time.
I get lost in your track, thank you for sharing this song, your glad you found this place, so i be able to get to know your musical talent Marcelo

+0 August 28 2016 04:36:14 aleonz Peixe
I will never get tired to tell you how much i am your fan too. Its too much sweetness everywhere when you are near. This compliment is even more worth because its the opinion of a top singer like you. Thank you for always hearing and singing my tracks.
August 27 2016 12:21:52
wonderful Music ;o)
+1 August 28 2016 04:33:55 Uloisius Peixe
Thanks Uloisius. This song is so old and yet so fresh. Thanks for hearing.

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