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Thanks for the piano track " Mike_66 " . When I heard the track , I just had to ...:)
Stringd with EWI
I hope the mix fits !


August 30 2016 22:25:33
Sehr schön! :)
+1 September 01 2016 15:28:20 bleymehl Pewi
Vielen Dank!
August 28 2016 16:35:49
Terrific job here Pewi... fits just right... enjoyed !!
+1 August 28 2016 17:15:19 Psycho Pewi
Such inserts make me great fun :)
August 28 2016 12:42:09
super - muss diesem Ewi nochmals nachgehen. Soll ein Schweizer in den 70ern gespielt haben
+1 August 28 2016 14:53:31 abuitremorem Pewi
Vielen Dank Abu. Was den Schweizer betrifft, meinst du ev. Martin Hurni? Einen guten Wochenstart, Peter
August 28 2016 20:40:01 abuitremorem abuitremorem
habe einen Link erhalten: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBUlmCZhtbo&feature=youtu.be Du kennst das sicher
Ebenfalls - starte gut in die Woche :)
August 27 2016 17:57:56
Amazing EWI strings Peter, so cool!! You have an orchestra at your fingertips man. :)
+1 August 28 2016 14:48:06 Ernie440 Pewi
I am very glad if all the musicians that make in my orchestra what I want😉🤓
August 27 2016 17:57:25
Sweet add Peter! Big breath in this beautiful track! :)
+1 August 28 2016 14:46:04 Stef Pewi
I am very pleased with your visit and your kind words , thank you!😊
August 27 2016 16:45:12
Wow I didn't expected an add so soon. It's not the usual guitar drum combo. I love the part around 2:12. I know the song but I can't remember the name. Thanks Pewi und ein fettes Grüzi in die Schweiz
+1 August 28 2016 14:43:53 Mike_66 Pewi
Hi Mike, ich Versuch es mal auf deutsch😊. Vielen Dank für das Grüzi! Hat schon etwas von Bach. Ich habe früher , (manchmal auch heute noch) viel Bach geübt mit der Querflöte, da geistern schon manchmal "Musikfetzen" in meinem Kopf herum.😉
August 27 2016 16:42:55
Great work Pewi. Reminds me very much of Bach. And he is certainly One of my classical favorites. :)
+1 August 28 2016 14:36:36 Peterpingo Pewi
Hi Peter , thank you for the nice Comment . As a flutist means Bach and his sons very much . I practice still sometimes works from Bach 's😎🎶🎶
August 28 2016 14:46:54 Peterpingo Peterpingo
It was a spectacular family. Bachs big brother taught him a lot of "tricks". The big brother was a student of Johan Pachelbel. His Canon i D-major is in my opinion maybe THE most beautiful music ever written. :)
August 28 2016 15:05:30 Peterpingo Pewi
Too bad that my English is so bad . I have always with " Google Translate " übersetzen😐 but the music I understand . Thank you very much for the tip with Pachelbel . Fantastic!!
August 27 2016 16:38:38
excellent fit Peter!!! nice track!!!:)
+1 August 28 2016 14:29:47 jjdf Pewi
Thank you , João for the compliment😊

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