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The dead ship, mhh, I found for a few days this book from the German author B.Traven in my basement. I had read it many many years ago. I read again, a bit here and there, you know. This book is really fantastic and I can recommend it.

So here is my interpretation.... needs all..... :-)
HD no drums :-)


August 28 2016 17:33:44
cody trippcody tripp
+1 August 28 2016 18:58:48 cody tripp frankyguitar
Thanx very much cody! :)
August 28 2016 15:51:57
Great work franky... your becoming a template genius! Isn't there a movie about the book? Seems familiar !!
+1 August 28 2016 18:54:37 Psycho frankyguitar
Hey Bruce, thanx very much! Yes, I think it exist a movie about the book :)
August 28 2016 09:56:44
hi Franky, kenne das Buch gar nicht ... ganz toll gemacht, sehr cooler Track !!!!
+1 August 28 2016 10:54:32 AKchen frankyguitar
Dankeschön Andrea, freut mich sehr! :)
August 28 2016 08:41:44
oh, ich glaube ich muss das Buch unbedingt mal lesen ;o)
Absolut cooler Track, man hört da steckt viel Arbeit drin ... gefällt mir sehr gut ;o)

+1 August 28 2016 10:53:11 Uloisius frankyguitar
Ich kann es nur empfehlen! Freut mich sehr das Dir das Stück gefällt!! :)
August 28 2016 07:48:48
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
perfect track:)
+1 August 28 2016 10:52:02 Lenny Cowler frankyguitar
Thank you Lenny, very kind!! :)
August 28 2016 04:20:09
Hot Dang Franky!!!! Wow....just Wow!!!:)
I love that fast cycle tremelo guitar effect. Super heavy guitar tone:D
Great creativity and arrangement:D
I will check out this book...Thanks.

+1 August 28 2016 05:44:42 mortheol frankyguitar
Ron, have fun with the book! Thanx very much for your kind words!! It's wonderful you like it:) :)
August 28 2016 04:06:44
Very cool franky !! I'm diggin this !!
+1 August 28 2016 05:42:56 WHITEPONGO frankyguitar
Thanx very much Chris, I'm very pleased!! See you!! :)
August 28 2016 03:35:57
Very cool effects and arraignment here!
+1 August 28 2016 05:41:47 garymcmill frankyguitar
Thanx very much Gary! It's cool you like it! :)
August 28 2016 02:49:02
Trance rock I shall call this, very cool track Franky, nice guitar playing! The effects are great. Interesting about the Death Ship .. same guy who wrote The Treasure of the Sierra Madre which was made into a movie with Humphrey Bogart. I had no idea that was a German author .. that's one of my favorite old movies from the 40's.
+1 August 28 2016 05:40:21 Ernie440 frankyguitar
Hey Ernie, thanks very much buddy! Yes I know this movie, Really a great. I think the dead ship is also made as a movie! But have not seen it. :)
August 27 2016 23:29:52
Hey Franky,Really super track, Love it,great sound, well done buddy:);)
+1 August 28 2016 05:37:04 petebass frankyguitar
Thanx very much Pete! It was cool to it and it's nice you like it!! :)
August 28 2016 16:59:25 petebass petebass
Really Good track Franky,you should be proud of this one, definitely a keeper for me, for sure:)
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