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Trying some different chord progressions. I'm not sure what style this would fall into, maybe a touch of Spain?

Needs almost everything =)


October 08 2016 23:03:12
WanHuWanHu Hi Psycho. This is great, as always, but I insist that you listen to the album "Alegrias" by Howe Gelb & A Band of Gypsies. One of the geat unsung American indie musicians and some flamenco players from, of all places, Cordoba.

August 30 2016 13:08:22
aleonzaleonz Bruce! that sweet melancholy track really beautiful , wonderful progression
+1 August 30 2016 16:40:14 aleonzPsycho
Thank you Big Al... your kind words are always a joy to read and having you listen is definitely something I feel good about. Thanks again !!
August 30 2016 10:46:51
CaroljoyceCaroljoyce This song and the other Just a Delusion are 2 pearls of the same inspiration. I love them. They make me feel deep melancholy. Psycho, playing harp with you in my ears is a great challenge for me. But, i'm training hard. I will do that gift for you one of these days. these templates are very beautiful.
+1 August 30 2016 16:35:48 CaroljoycePsycho
Thanks very much Carol... you have written some wonderful comments and if one day you decide to play on one of my tracks it would be an honor and indeed a gift :)
August 29 2016 21:00:53
AnneCozeanAnneCozean like the way you take your time here, Bruce. your solid progression is a fine invitation. acoustic sounds real good on you. :)
+1 August 30 2016 00:49:33 AnneCozeanPsycho
Anne my friend! Great to see you gal. I know you have been busy, and it is a treat to have you listen in, giving me some thoughtful feedback :) Hope all is well in your neck of the woods !!
August 29 2016 17:23:28
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes Super nice soundin play my friend. Highly enjoyable to these ears :)
+1 August 30 2016 00:44:03 HiFiFlutesPsycho
Thanks very much Chris... was a surprise to see this work out as well as it did :)
August 29 2016 00:31:44
RobMRobM Beautiful piece Bruce, liking the progression mate :)
+1 August 30 2016 00:42:24 RobMPsycho
Thanks Rob, just heard your playing on this and love it buddy... sure made it all worthwhile on my end :)
August 28 2016 23:22:44
KMstarKMstar great guitar!
+1 August 28 2016 23:43:23 KMstarPsycho
Thanks Ken... I am getting hooked on this acoustic jargon now. Oh well, it is fun to write things on it :)
August 28 2016 21:43:17
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler fantastic:)
+1 August 28 2016 23:42:17 Lenny CowlerPsycho
Thanks Lenny... you are always very kind :)
August 28 2016 21:15:10
MarceysMarceys Cool line Psycho!
+1 August 28 2016 23:41:12 MarceysPsycho
Hi Marc, thanks very much for the nice comment... really appreciate the listen :)
August 28 2016 20:35:47
abuitremoremabuitremorem great Psycho -the piece lures - but have operated on the elbows :(
+1 August 28 2016 23:40:24 abuitremoremPsycho
Thanks abu... you had your elbows operated on? I sure hope it works for the better (I'm sure it will). I had the same issue with mine (ulnar nerve), which was successful, and now the other arm is slowly going bad. Best of luck my friend and heal fast !!!!
August 29 2016 01:43:38 abuitremoremabuitremorem
Thank you Psycho :):):)

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