My Key Blues - Martin mixed

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OliVBee564 jams Supporter
Remix step #6 (playing)


OliVBee564 jams Supporter
+ 19
a very cool drumtrack by Martin ! tried to save the light touch :)
use this mix if you like it and post as a remix of #81592
don't forget to give Martin a thumb !!


October 24 2016 22:59:31
ToshinhoToshinho Super morceau ,très bien interprété ,et très bien mixé .J'adore !

September 12 2016 16:44:18
slonyatkoslonyatko Wow, great! Sounds so perfect!!

August 30 2016 09:40:47
mpointonmpointon As always, an utterly brilliant and sensitive mix. Thank you for managing to bring up more of the sizzle in the ride. Short of miking up the ride, I couldn't get it further up in the mix without bringing the hi-hat too far forward!

Love it!

+1 August 30 2016 10:03:30 mpointonOliVBee
the overall drums sound is very nice ! was it recorded in your new place ?
August 30 2016 11:03:57 mpointonmpointon
No. All recorded where I've always done it (and will - recording drums at my new place is unlikely although the acoustics would be perfect!).

I hadn't even changed mic positions. But the snare had a lot of gaffa tape on it!
August 30 2016 07:43:58
WadeWade Everything about this has your masterful touch on it (especially the composition and your playing). Glad you brought up Pit as his lines are so cool. Always great stuff from you and such sensitivity in making a fine mix like this.

August 29 2016 15:50:38
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal OliVBee. bom trabalho

August 29 2016 10:57:01
Pit BrettPit Brett excellent mix OliV! Thank you :)

August 29 2016 10:26:58
CaroljoyceCaroljoyce I really like this job. Thank for that cool & peaceful song.

August 29 2016 09:55:55
frankiejazzfrankiejazz Really cool drumtrack! Excellent guitar!

August 29 2016 01:45:35
WanHuWanHu A big, steaming, musical cassoulet. Fantastic stuff.

August 29 2016 00:22:06
PsychoPsycho Did I miss this? If so, I'm hearing it now and what a super job by all... great mix Oliv. Someday you reveal your secrets? :) :)


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