End Hols Blues (Piano & Flute Solo)

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Marcelo D121 jams Supporter

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I am not that blues man but I am "bluesing" around a little bit here.
I made just some few lines and left Pewi's space untouched so there is more room for others.
Hope you like my small participation.
Obrigado João e Pewi.
Thanks for hearing!!!


October 23 2016 11:21:54
Super ambiance saloon Marcelo :) I am agree with Alice. On Bourbon for you !
+1 October 23 2016 19:43:36 titi Marcelo D
Maybe it's just insecurity but I don't feel too much blues in my system hahaha I think it's because I never heard this genre too much... thanks for passing by:)
October 21 2016 05:05:17
Excellent blues lines for a non blues man!!
+1 October 23 2016 19:44:19 Bothen Marcelo D
Thanks Bothen. Appreciate your comment. Glad you liked :)
August 30 2016 13:15:15
Not a blues man, but you got that excellent touch for this blue ride Marcelo, you have colorful side in music, and they all beautiful! you spice up that little part
+1 September 12 2016 03:38:26 aleonz Marcelo D
Hey Al.
its good to listen this from such a talented musician and singer like you. You always make me smile :) :D
August 29 2016 19:26:39
very nice :)
+1 September 12 2016 03:37:12 abuitremorem Marcelo D
Thanks bud! its a quick piano shot hahahaha :)
August 29 2016 17:58:37
ohhh , what excellent piano playing , thank you !!
+1 September 12 2016 03:36:20 Pewi Marcelo D
Cmon Pewi! Your flute is amazing. You were an inspiration for my add :)
August 29 2016 10:42:54
Wowow!! Excelente addition Peixe!!! És um extraordinário e eclético músico, huge all styles musician :)... obrigado por juntares o teu enorme talento nesta simples peça.!!! :)
+1 September 12 2016 03:32:31 jjdf Marcelo D
Imenso prazer tocar contigo e Pewe. Thanks for the track guys. Amazing flute Pewe!!!!!
August 29 2016 07:04:38
Very nice participation Peixe. I think you do the blues really well. :) Think your "mental-keyboard" contains a lot of different keys/styles. And blues is definitely one of them.
+1 September 12 2016 03:30:04 Peterpingo Marcelo D
hehehe I needed some whisky to go till the end of this one! No way to blues without some alcohol :) hahahahaha
September 12 2016 03:37:37 Peterpingo Peterpingo
Hahaha. I´ve been in a salsa band some years ago. The preferred drink in that band was "Havana Club". :)
September 12 2016 05:43:34 Peterpingo Marcelo D
Wow. Thats cool. Lets make some salsa together?
September 12 2016 06:04:51 Peterpingo Peterpingo
Good idea. I´m ON. :)

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