Psychedelic BeBop

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GemmyF799 jams Supporter
Remix step #5 (playing)


frankyguitar500 jams Supporter
+ 6
Really a big thank you guys!
GemmyF , Mr. B and seriouss have done an awesome track. Till now LOL!!
Sorry friends, but it is too cool to pass by. So I turn this beautiful track in some Psychedelic BeBop :-) I recommend to smoke some stuff before listen, it's easier to follow the 3 guitar lines at the same time... LOL I had enjoy to do this :-)


August 30 2016 15:28:03
Thanx very much seriouss!! Nice you like it ! :)

August 30 2016 13:22:41
Smooth and cozy, thats nice

August 30 2016 03:59:37
Awesome smoke necessary for me:)
Maybe after 10 guitars..LOL:P

+1 August 30 2016 07:11:44 mortheol frankyguitar
:D LOL thanx very much Ron ! ! After 10 beers it sounds like 10 guitars LOL:P
August 30 2016 01:02:44
Cool Franky! Very nice!
+1 August 30 2016 07:07:49 B427 frankyguitar
Thanx very much B , was a great pleasure! :)
August 29 2016 23:16:01
Nice, I like this Franky, nice and bouncy! :D
+1 August 29 2016 23:24:39 piper frankyguitar
Bouncy is cool !! Nina Hagen sung for years: Carlos Castaneda, he islight as a feather. She sung about drugs :D Thanx Piper ! I'm on the right way, also without drugs :D
August 29 2016 23:25:24 piper piper
good=no drugs :D
August 29 2016 22:59:26
What kind of snuff would you recommend?
+1 August 29 2016 23:03:14 GemmyF frankyguitar
LOL, whatever you can find in your tin under the bed :D
August 29 2016 23:05:23 GemmyF GemmyF
August 29 2016 23:08:30 GemmyF GemmyF
my first year at university there were all these cowboys where I went(I live in Texas but came from a HUGE city-Houston) and they got me to dip some snuff. I have a huge area under my lip and packed it full. They told me to be sure not to swallow, I didn't, but I started to get really dizzy and sick. NEVER AGAIN with that!!!)
August 29 2016 23:10:27 GemmyF frankyguitar
Link does not work :)
August 29 2016 23:11:24 GemmyF frankyguitar
August 29 2016 23:15:04 GemmyF piper
August 29 2016 23:48:57 GemmyF GemmyF
Ewwwwwwwww was right I think I turned green. Them 'ole cowboys sure got a big kick out of that! I "steered" clear of them after that.
August 30 2016 03:57:40 GemmyF mortheol
Hey Jim, I had the same experience with Copenhagen. I turned six shades of green and than proceeded to barf my guts:o
First and last time!!
August 30 2016 04:05:31 GemmyF GemmyF
Your teeth thank you, your gums thank you, your wife thanks you.......My granny dipped snuff. Her's came in a glass jar that was really cool. She died very young.
August 30 2016 08:58:53 GemmyF frankyguitar
Now, I have seen this stuff, it's chewing tobacco ?! Urgh.....

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