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another lo-fi, in your face acoustic track
lyrics 2016 petebass.

your shades of the man you used to be
your just shades of the man you want to be
your just shades of the man you'd like to be
your just shades
you don;t know what you want to be
you don't think you need to be
you don't like what you've become
you dont feel you've done enough
because you are just shades of the man
shades of the man you used to be
shades of the man you want to be
Oh Yeah
you don't like what you've become
and you wanna get back somehow
you don't like the way you see yourself
but you gotta get back somehow my friend

your the only one who can do it my friend
shades you know shades
thats shades,


September 02 2016 00:18:42
ItocpogoItocpogo Great, Pete! Lyrics are deep ,my friend!
+1 September 02 2016 03:41:12 Itocpogopetebass
Hey Dan cheers bro:) its just things that pop into my head when I'm on my acoustic,and I just leave my recorder running and see what comes up:);)
September 01 2016 23:40:03
BothenBothen Sounds good Pete!!!!
+1 September 01 2016 23:52:18 Bothenpetebass
hey Ron, cheers buddy:);)
August 30 2016 19:13:45
PewiPewi one man , one great event!!:)
+1 September 01 2016 23:52:54 Pewipetebass
Many thanks Peter:);)
August 30 2016 13:31:05
abuitremoremabuitremorem Poet, guitarist, bassist, singer and all good :):):)
+1 September 01 2016 23:53:47 abuitremorempetebass
Wow!! thanks Rene for that super comment:);)
August 30 2016 12:38:00
UloisiusUloisius very nice guitar, wonderful sung from you and a BIG EXTRA THUMB for the fantastic Lyrics ;o)
+1 September 01 2016 23:55:06 Uloisiuspetebass
Hi Uli:)thanks loads my friend, much appreciated:);)
August 30 2016 11:58:27
jjdfjjdf nice song, Pete!!! well done! :)
+1 September 01 2016 23:55:52 jjdfpetebass
Thanks a lot Joao my friend:);)
August 30 2016 09:10:38
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Really a cool track Pete !! Like it very much :)
+1 September 01 2016 23:57:18 frankyguitarpetebass
thanks loads franky:);)
August 30 2016 06:30:27
josepssvjosepssv Suuupeeeer nice!!!
+1 September 01 2016 23:57:56 josepssvpetebass
gracias Jose amigo mio:);)
August 30 2016 03:44:02
mortheolmortheol 10 thumbs Pete!!
I really like the lyrics on this one:)

+1 September 01 2016 23:59:29 mortheolpetebass
Hey Ron, cheers buddy, thanks for all then Thumbs! HA!!:);)
August 30 2016 01:04:09
GemmyFGemmyF I don't really like Men's Shades, or women's Shades, I like Uni-Sex Shades, They seem to fit better. They have the Uni-Sex Shades store down the street. Great satisfaction! Guaranteed!

Oh that's not at what you're singing about. Hmmmmmmm.

Real Nice structure on this one. Great Play!

+2 September 02 2016 00:00:31 GemmyFpetebass
Cheers Jim:) sorry so long answering:);)
September 02 2016 04:16:00 GemmyFGemmyF
thought 'ya did answer mate! Cheers!

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