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GemmyF804 jams Supporter
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added some vocal action on this
thick and dance-able bass and drum track by KMstar and DaDaffyDrummer

Just sang about the title that KMstar gave his Bass add!
Felt like I'd do the ranting for him.

The Title of this track could be our band name. Every band needs to sing about their name these days. Mentioned that before. Once,(that I can remember---here anyway). Maybe DaFunkyDrummer don't want to be in my band cause I called him DaDaffy. Shooot!


September 06 2016 22:25:33
LOVE the ''sounds like'' description, eh, eh, eh…
Great performance G, really cool ;)

+1 September 06 2016 22:31:15 nuno1959 GemmyF
Yeah that's pretty funny. Don't know if you're familiar enough with English, but half of the time I use "Improper" English to give that hillbilly, cowpoke,slang thing that most people think Texans should talk like. I like to feed the stereotype as it's hungry.
September 06 2016 23:41:23 nuno1959 nuno1959
Cheeky… :D
August 30 2016 16:42:08
Crazy good!
+0 August 30 2016 16:56:42 garymcmill GemmyF
Crazy being the operative word!
August 30 2016 10:33:26
Wow crazy song dude, like it a lot! By the way, if you want to help out those who don't speak English that well, write down the lyrics in the lyrics tab - that would be very helpful. I am telling you though, even without understanding the word, the meaning and emotion comes through your singing anyway, so well done on that!!!

August 30 2016 07:10:20
very cool ;o)
+1 August 30 2016 07:12:16 Uloisius GemmyF
Thanks Uli, can you follow the words?
August 30 2016 07:33:09 Uloisius Uloisius
No, unfortunately not Gemmy, I think I would have to read the Lyrics ;o)
August 30 2016 07:38:27 Uloisius GemmyF
I did not know how good your English was. I know a little Spanish but if someone was singing in Spanish, I'd be lost! I was just wondering.
August 30 2016 05:25:24
Perfect bro!!!!
+0 August 30 2016 05:28:46 KMstar GemmyF
Bro, how could I not help it, that Bass you laid is AWESOME! And you gave me direction to sing!
August 30 2016 05:30:11 KMstar KMstar
Seriously that was awesome!!!
August 30 2016 04:36:25
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler

August 30 2016 04:10:30
This is like Primus:D
Just awesome!!!
Gemmy you are "The MAN"..man:)

+1 August 30 2016 04:12:42 mortheol mortheol
Little tiny Babies....LOL...classic ending:)
August 30 2016 04:12:42 mortheol GemmyF
Such a hot tune by KMstar! and DaFunky
August 30 2016 04:13:31 mortheol mortheol
Can I borrow your brain some weekend?
August 30 2016 04:19:02 mortheol GemmyF
Ahhhhhh.....Brain swap....think that's the latest Cable TV show, maybe we could get on that!
August 30 2016 04:02:11
LOL Awesome Gemmy , Ask ten get ten different answers :) BTW LOL

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