Classic Slow Blues

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I made this track a good while ago. JJ put out a classic. The trouble was trying to decide which stem to put it on so I put it on the back burner. They are all excellent from top to bottom and this is my kudos to everyone that played on this. I revisited and saw Ernie put up a new bass line so I just went with that. I still can't believe there are no other drum tracks on this one. I left an HQ track here because it should fit with any of the stems if someone wants to use it to fill out their stem for personal use.


October 21 2016 18:05:02
slonyatkoslonyatko Wow, I have omitted this nice piece! Good opportunity for my blues-day tomorrow!
+1 October 21 2016 20:28:36 slonyatkoBothen
Jump all over it slon, JJ put out a classic!!
August 31 2016 13:48:21
axenvocsaxenvocs Very Good :)
+1 September 02 2016 00:37:59 axenvocsBothen
Thanks Axen!!
August 31 2016 10:04:58
jjdfjjdf nice drums Bothen!!! :) Thanks for joining...!!!:)
+1 September 02 2016 00:37:50 jjdfBothen
Always my pleasure JJ.
August 30 2016 20:53:40
TG_StratTG_Strat Nice one Bothen, I might give it a try
+2 August 31 2016 04:18:08 TG_StratBothen
Thanks TG, the more the merrier!!
August 30 2016 20:39:58
StefStef Excellent blues drums add! Great Ron! :)
+1 August 31 2016 04:17:43 StefBothen
Much appreciated Stef!!
August 30 2016 20:39:44
petebasspetebass Hey Ron, super drums as always,love your new avatar-cool:);)
+1 August 31 2016 04:17:12 petebassBothen
Heh, Thanks Pete!
August 30 2016 19:35:11
aleonzaleonz Great drums play for this bluesy track Ron!
+1 August 31 2016 04:16:47 aleonzBothen
I always appreciate a good word!!!
August 30 2016 19:29:49
Ernie440Ernie440 Yeah Ron!! Great drum add man, thanks for your Bluesday contribution on this track, mucho appreciated buddy. :) ;)
+1 August 31 2016 04:16:20 Ernie440Bothen
Thanks Ernie!!
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