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OliVBee565 jams Supporter
Remix step #5 (playing)


Dafunkydrummer170 jams
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please have a look:

thanks to the incredible OlivBee and all the guys who are involved in this wonderful music.


September 03 2016 08:37:09
k9k9 always good !

September 01 2016 15:25:52
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr Great drum add :) just wonderful

August 31 2016 22:32:29
Pit BrettPit Brett sehr schön, dass Du mitgejammt hast :) Klasse und dann noch mit Video :)

August 31 2016 20:53:02
ShiShi cool, laid back and first class ! many thumbs from me :)

August 31 2016 19:05:19
GlezBassGlezBass An incredibly good jam, really bluesy and jazzy taste. Thumbs!!

August 31 2016 15:34:32
UloisiusUloisius allererste Sahne ;o)

August 31 2016 10:49:40
mpointonmpointon A masterclass, pure and simple. Such a wonderful, laid-back flow to this track.

I have to ask: how do you get your ghost notes so clear on your recordings? I really struggle to make them audible without main snare hits being too loud, no matter what compression I set up.

+1 August 31 2016 11:19:43 mpointonmpointon
Thank you. I used to mic the snare top and bottom but I dropped one of my SM57s onto a hard floor in Urft last year and haven't replaced it yet!

I have the Waves suite but find the compressors quite hard to use. I'll keep experimenting.
August 31 2016 11:05:56 mpointonDafunkydrummer
thank you sooo much!!

ghost notes, yes thats always a little difficult to record.
I use two snare mics. top/bottom. (i love sm57 for both).

and I use some plug ins depending on what snare drum I use...:

waves chris lord alge drum plug in (think its on sale for 39$)

....and sometimes the waves API 2500 plug in...

depending on mics and room and snare you have to tweak a little, but as long I havent got a neve console these plug ins work fine...:-)
August 31 2016 07:04:05
JMB65JMB65 Hey DafunkyDrummer, grossartig your addition! :)

August 31 2016 06:39:05
TofzegritTofzegrit Martin and you give us your own different interpretations and that's what is so great in this place. He brushed, you "punched".
Really Master Class track from all of you for this OliV's gem!

August 31 2016 03:29:06
ivaxivax fantastic Dafunky :)


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