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JDF93 jams
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Liesching96 jams Supporter
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I love this song! Oli, Martin, Christof and JDF! What a band! I just wanted to be part of this. So I asked my private string orchestra to put something on it. :) Plus some piano drops.


November 15 2016 18:10:58
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho, Liesching. excelente

September 13 2016 22:24:24
pklieschpkliesch Sind doch SIEBZEHN !!!! Unglaublich superklasse Streicher und so prima arrangiert, dass man denkt, es hätte ein Orchester gespielt. Bin geplättet. Was ist das nochmal für ne software? Mann das ist der beste Song, den ich hier gehört hab!!!
+1 September 14 2016 18:51:29 pklieschLiesching
Danke lieber Bruder, es sind verschiedene Streichinstrumente aus dem Artis Kurzweil SE. Das meiste sind nashville strings, daneben Poltergeist high string und some Big LA strings. Vielleicht wage ich dochnoch den Kauf von Spitfire orchestra strings, wenn mich vorher noch ein Goldesel zusch... :)
September 13 2016 21:35:40
JDFJDF I haven't heard this. Wow, what a cool add. Love it. :) Great subtleness and arrangement. Very cool.
+1 September 14 2016 14:57:33 JDFLiesching
Thanks a bunch, J! Your song is one of the best I´ve heard at the loops.
September 06 2016 01:26:56
OliVBeeOliVBee striking !!! total class :) i feel the need to mix this ! NOW !!! :D
thanks alot !!

+1 September 07 2016 19:31:37 OliVBeeLiesching
YES, Monsieur Bee! Send me an Email adress and you'll get the HD strings track right away! :)
September 01 2016 20:51:40
fannefanne So you can do some orchestration too!bravo! there aren’t that much orchestrators here on wiki so I’m glad you did this wonderful job!
+1 September 07 2016 19:30:02 fanneLiesching
Thanks John, you're the best orchestrator I know at the loops.
September 01 2016 16:38:01
BalfoBalfo Gefällt mir sehr gut Marc!
+1 September 07 2016 19:28:38 BalfoLiesching
Danke Dir, B!!
September 01 2016 14:58:23
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr Great arrangement for this wonderful song :)
+1 September 07 2016 19:29:01 GuitarPlyrLiesching
ThAnks, GP!
September 01 2016 02:40:07
axenvocsaxenvocs Wonderful
+1 September 01 2016 09:19:16 axenvocsLiesching
Thanks A!
August 31 2016 21:11:44
mpointonmpointon Impeccable play, Marc. You add so much with those perfectly-judged chords and wonderful runs on the piano. I'm so glad you joined this track with your wonderful touch!
+1 September 01 2016 09:18:46 mpointonLiesching
Thanks Martin, your drummin is perfect for this song!
August 31 2016 20:25:04
MarceysMarceys Very cool harmonics on the strings and the piano give's extra open sound! Very cool!
+1 September 01 2016 09:17:20 MarceysLiesching
Thanks Marc!

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