Punchy bass

Remix step #3 (playing)


Guille07824 jams
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I have added a rhythmic guitar and a couple of solo,s (I am so sorry, but if you want to cut then you can download de HD file) From 1:23 to 1:50 i do nothing, so that anyone can add whatever. Otherwise, more instruments can join to the party and will be welcome!


September 20 2016 15:47:57
This is great

September 03 2016 14:50:19
Great tone ... what are you using for gear?
+0 September 03 2016 17:45:12 SriJah Guille078
Got my guitar Ibanez, then Floor Pod plus, them mix table, that goes to pc, edit with Steirneng Cubase
September 05 2016 14:13:06 SriJah SriJah
Wow ... though maybe it was some fancy tube amp! Sounds good man!
September 03 2016 14:49:06
Sounds wicked ... very Band of Gypsies as Ernie says ... cool stuff man ...
+1 September 03 2016 17:45:33 SriJah Guille078
Yeah, glad you like it!
September 01 2016 13:37:46
absolut cool ;o)
+0 September 01 2016 14:27:44 Uloisius Guille078
Thank you!
August 31 2016 23:35:13
This is reminding me of the live Band of Gypsys a bit, Jimi would double the bass a lot, cool, great play man! Especially the part where Martin does the steady rap on the snare, reminds me of Buddy Miles there.
+2 September 01 2016 01:15:47 Ernie440 Guille078
Oh , you flatter me, man! Im so glad you like it. I was going to try something in the track you told me, when i Heard this cool bass line over this great drums, thank you, mate!
September 01 2016 01:28:35 Ernie440 Guille078
Now im listening Band of Gypsys, so many years ago! Its true that sounds something like that, very nice feeling the Great Jimmy!
September 01 2016 01:35:57 Ernie440 Ernie440
Some really great funk rock music right there! It was my favorite work of Jimi's, that band.
August 31 2016 23:20:17
hey Guille,esto suena de lujo,muy bueno amigo :D,perfecto
+0 September 01 2016 01:02:33 ivax Guille078
Gracias colega!
August 31 2016 23:12:30
Muy buen trabajo Guille, suena genial !!
+0 September 01 2016 01:04:38 pniveiro Guille078
Si, estoy contento con el sonido para variar jeje, gracias compañero!
August 31 2016 23:03:59
I love it man!! Wicked playing bro, sounds great, sweet funk lead and very cool doubling up the bass line! Thanks so much Guille, you rocked this funk tune bro!! :);)

August 31 2016 22:54:33
Very, very good Guille! So well played and the style and tone is perfect! Many thumbs!
+0 August 31 2016 22:56:12 mpointon Guille078
Thanks I appreciate it
August 31 2016 22:53:13
Doubling the bass: Class, lead: What a tone
You got it 🎶

+1 August 31 2016 22:56:51 Tofzegrit Guille078
Goog for more adds, thanks!!
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