Lions on the plain

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RobM721 jams Supporter
Remix step #3 (playing)
United States


jimkarol131 jams Supporter
+ 7
..or just plain lions. At least that's what was going through my head at the time.. go figure. Hey! they guys on this template really brought out a great feeling. Hope the add does in fact 'Add' to it.


September 03 2016 00:01:58
PsychoPsycho This had to be a bit tougher than most. It sounds great. Well done !!
+1 September 03 2016 00:42:31 Psychojimkarol
Hey! Happy Friday!! Glad the weekend finally came :) It was an interesting beat for sure. Glad it turned out okay. THanks, always good to hear from you. Have a great holiday weekent my friend :)
September 02 2016 13:48:08
Ernie440Ernie440 Very cool playing Jim and I really like the theme too, great idea.
+1 September 02 2016 14:51:42 Ernie440jimkarol
Hey Ernie! Thanks Man :) Always a pleasure to hear from you. Have a great day my friend :)
September 02 2016 04:55:12
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes Puts me in a real good mood !! Thanks my Friend for an excellent addition, Gives nice depth . Yes ! It adds to this wonderfully :)
+1 September 02 2016 04:58:07 HiFiFlutesjimkarol
Well, now I'm also in a good mood. Thank you for making my evening. You got me with the flute work btw :)
September 02 2016 04:41:08
RobMRobM Love that bassline !! Perfect add Jim, thanks so very much for joining in ! :) :)
+1 September 02 2016 04:43:56 RobMjimkarol
Thanks Rob! It was quite fun. Glad you liked it :)
September 02 2016 04:24:49
BothenBothen Excellent bass line!
+1 September 02 2016 04:42:56 Bothenjimkarol
Hey! Thanks Man!!

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