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added vocals to this here piece of music!

The music was somewhat reminiscent of over night talk shows on the the AM radio. Great stuff, crazy stuff, doesn't matter-- they always have the coolest chill music as their intro music. And laffinduc's piece was perfect for this one.

When we were kids I shared a bedroom with my older brother, who was the coolest! We would lay awake till late in the night, and he would tell me stories that he made up, off the cuff. It is coming up to the 1st anniversary of his death and this is in his memory of a great story teller.


September 03 2016 02:57:05
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes Great story teller my friend, great story :) cool mix !

September 02 2016 23:47:10
piperpiper So sorry to hear of your loss Gemmy. I really enjoyed listening to your storytelling :)Kind of reminds me of listening to the old 1940's radio detective shows. :)
+1 September 02 2016 23:50:46 piperGemmyF
radio used to be king!
September 03 2016 01:49:27 piperpiper
I really enjoy listening to those old radio shows. It evokes creativity :)
September 03 2016 01:52:56 piperpiper
And imagination;)
September 02 2016 23:38:05
PsychoPsycho To those know you personally probably brings a complex mind :) Well done GF !!
+0 September 03 2016 00:04:22 PsychoGemmyF
one track!
September 02 2016 22:53:18
garymcmillgarymcmill Love where your mind goes at times.
Excellent music from laffing duc.

+1 September 02 2016 22:55:56 garymcmillGemmyF
thanks Gary! In my comments I said for my buddy Gary but I took it out! Really enjoyable music!
September 02 2016 22:01:19
josepssvjosepssv Wonderful music and voice
+1 September 02 2016 22:01:58 josepssvGemmyF
Thank you Jose! Yes the music is great!

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