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playing with my nylon string guitar in open D and doubling up with a steel string acoustic.
A sweet female lead vocal and a beach boys chorus choir is what this needs, as well as sparse bass, drums, keys, more sweet guitar, etc

Spring in the southern hemisphere is wonderful. Enjoy the mood.


September 17 2016 18:14:22
AnneCozeanAnneCozean your beautiful, poignant guitar has a powerful effect on my heart, Frank. thank you so much for the gifts you share.
+1 September 18 2016 01:24:38 AnneCozeanFrankMil
Thanks Anne. I loved Stan's add. Duet perhaps? Thanks for your kind words my friend
September 17 2016 02:26:03
DannyKDannyK Stunning, Frank! I'm happy to hear some open tuning.

September 16 2016 23:48:56
UloisiusUloisius awesome ;o)

September 11 2016 07:15:52
jaeusmjaeusm Really nice job on this. Sounds great :)

September 11 2016 04:39:12
francisco alfrancisco al lindo trabalho FrankMil

September 10 2016 19:57:15
aleonzaleonz wonderful track Frank! feel the nature close just in a track away!

September 09 2016 03:59:33
ivaxivax is so beautiful ,great Frank :)
+1 September 09 2016 04:01:03 ivaxFrankMil
thanks Ivax. I personally Love the open D tuning
September 09 2016 03:54:07
TofzegritTofzegrit Total Respect Frank
Wonderful guitar(s) arrangements and interpretation!!!!!
What a track, the melody is played with a fine attack and these waterfalls of notes coming from "everywhere", tempest of beauty to me.
And Demian remix wow, Pat Metheny and Steve Gadd

+1 September 09 2016 03:58:33 TofzegritFrankMil
you are too kind brother. Thanks man.
September 09 2016 03:58:33 TofzegritFrankMil
you are too kind brother. Thanks man.
September 06 2016 03:44:42
mortheolmortheol Awesome playing

September 05 2016 12:07:21
DemianDemian like! again! drums comming...


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