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GemmyF586 jams Supporter
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added some "piano" my midi controller is BUNK so I used my computer keyboard--quite limiting--but maybe this will get the pro keyboardists to hear this Drum, bass, and sax trio. When I can get a keyboard that works. I'm going to give this another go it is so cool!


September 05 2016 06:13:46
Computer keyboard..LOL:)
I can imagine a real keyboard would do wonders for you;)
Very nice!!!

+0 September 05 2016 06:19:00 mortheol GemmyF
wouldn't that be nice. we have an upright Yamaha piano which I don't play enough but love to play when I do. I've had this cheapo M-Audio KeystoneKop49e that never worked and JMRukker explained that I needed to drop some values to knock off the latency with midi, well it works on the computer keyboard, I just need to get a realworking midi keyboard. Oh well I guess I need to work harder. b)
September 04 2016 18:21:33
Sounds really good Jim!!
+1 September 04 2016 18:40:39 Bothen GemmyF
Drums Bass and Sax are the total bomb! I tried with what I have. I'll give it a go later with a keyboard I can stretch my fingers out, as you've probably noticed I'm a horrible typist, so the playing notes on the tiny computer keyboard was a real challenge--kept me from playing both hands and more complex chording--of which I don't know what they are just what they look like and fit in a pattern to what else is going on.
September 04 2016 18:09:49
Computer keyboard? incredible! So good Gemmy! :)
+1 September 04 2016 18:23:43 Stef GemmyF
Thanks Stef. Yeah when I used the "caps Lock" it shows me what keys i'm playing, can also change from forte to piamissimo and postion on the keyboard(octaves) but it is really BUNK. I loved this jazz trio and thought I'd give it a whirl! You should jam it! Thanks for the listen Stef!
September 04 2016 17:00:41
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler

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