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I was suckin' up wasps in a shopvac today at the opening of their porthole into the back outside wall of my workshop, one of them decided he didn't like being sucked up and was buzzing us on the patio, so I got a fly swatter and put an end to the smart one. So this is a blues funk tribute to that smart wasp. Sorry pal. Anyway .. haha Thanks very much to Simonymous to this cool funky blues ...
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funk backing track bass and drums


So no banjo on this? just wasp guts? ok, I feel that. DIG the tambourine. is the wife playing that? No I know!
Groovy thumpin' for a wasp killer!
September 04 2016 23:57:46
Ernie440 Banjo, lol thanks Jim ... these wasps need some killin' ... already got me, got my old beagle in the face and nailed my wife in the leg who had a bad reaction. It's open war. +0
September 05 2016 00:04:25
Leftdaloops1019 Oh no judgement on my part! Wasp's are mean!
Bhunt1 played a banjo to those drums while you were killing the wasps.(it was a bass)
September 05 2016 00:08:07
Ernie440 Hey man, I saw that on Brian's add, thought it was a frying pan! Yeah screw wasps .. these are yellow jacketed things. Maybe they're hornets. +0
September 05 2016 00:09:52
Leftdaloops1019 Yellow Jackets! bad moddy foddies! Hope you get em all. +1
very cool Ernie!! If I wasn't all worn out from Steinfeld i'd give it a go right now. Sweet bass track!!!+1
September 04 2016 23:55:11
Ernie440 Thanks a lot TG :) Sounds like you had a good wikimeet ;) +1
September 05 2016 00:05:15
TeeGee F*** yeah!!! A blast! +1
fantastic Ernie :)+1
September 05 2016 00:41:06
Ernie440 Hey Xavi, thanks a lot my friend :) :) +0
Love it good for me to work on the chops+1
September 05 2016 16:53:37
Ernie440 Thanks, let 'er rip buddy! +1
awesome ride:)+1
September 05 2016 16:53:19
Lenny Cowler
Ernie440 Gracias Lenny :) +1
Very cool bass !! Killer groove !!+1
September 05 2016 16:52:59
Ernie440 Thanks a lot Chris :) +0
oh yes , very brilliantly played !๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘+1
September 05 2016 16:52:46
Ernie440 Thanks a lot Peter :) +0
Great blues Ernie, excellent and really groovy playing!!+1
September 05 2016 16:52:30
Ernie440 hey danke franky! +1
Great playing! :)+1
September 05 2016 16:52:13
Ernie440 thanks enjoyed your drums man +0
Groovy track Ernie :)+1
September 05 2016 16:52:00
Ernie440 hey titi, thanks my friend :) +1

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