Who is God

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wonderful Track ;o)+1
lot's of really great questions? You should post up your lyrics so the folks that don't speak English can know what you're singing!
Nice add!
November 17 2016 02:29:13
Nailsin Where is all the gold
Where is all the silver
Where's the prize of old
Where's the gate of pearls
Where's the milk and honey
Where are my pretty girls

Sorry to say
But the joke's on you
You've lost your way
And your days are few

Nobody knows your name
You're as stray as a dog
You have less game
Than a bump on a log

What am I to do
What am I for
What am I to you
What are you to me
What is not
What will be
What do you hear
What do you see

Mysteries are sexy
While they're unsolved
Memories get messy
When they're recalled

Ghosts only haunt
What they know
Careful not to taunt
Or get taken low

So low
Down down down
Deep below
Where sorrows flow

All my lovers
Curse my name
But under the covers
They gave it fame

Al my lovers
Try the same
Still under the covers
I'm untamed

How can this be
Where did you go
What did you see
When did you know

You never know
In a time or two
If you're lucky
You'll get a clue

Why am I here
Who is God
What is there to fear
How are the odds

Where am I
Where are you
So low
Down down down
Deep below
Where sorrows flow

Who is God
Who is God
how could I miss this ? .... AWESOME!!!!+1
memories get messy when they're recalled!

You never Know in a time or two!

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