Immortal Ashes (with Drums)

Remix step #2 (playing)
United States


Frankisaur88 jams Supporter
+ 11
Just a quick one this morning. I uploaded the drum track too...flawed as it is;) I kinda doodle a little at the end...


September 10 2016 02:05:49
Great drum work !! Awesome :)
+1 September 10 2016 03:20:08 frankyguitar Frankisaur
Thank you!
September 09 2016 16:01:27
Awesome. Good sound, we are doing similar things with the MIDI set up, and yes it allows jamming w/o being reported to the police :)
+1 September 09 2016 18:09:04 rp3drums Frankisaur
Thanks! Actually I didn't spend as much time as I should have mixing the track. I was trying out a new "kit", looking for the right sounds for the song. One of the really cool things about midi, but also really time consuming, is that I have so many different "voices" From which to choose...I spend a lot of time building new kits for each track. Sometimes I don't as much time as I should, because I get in too much of a hurry, and my critical ear goes deaf after 15 takes or so...
September 09 2016 18:13:39 rp3drums rp3drums
It sounds good. I have recently started to layer different MIDI kits as tracks, trying to get that real sound. I love the MIDI to but it really takes some work to get a real sound for recording and for playing...but its all good.
September 10 2016 03:19:37 rp3drums Frankisaur
Layering different kits....that's a cool idea! I layer cymbals, and sometimes I layer a bass drum under my snare, but I haven't thought of layering kits...with different EQ's....interesting;)
September 09 2016 05:21:08
Cool just saw this great job man
+1 September 09 2016 05:51:32 shumdrummer Frankisaur
September 07 2016 05:29:51
awesome the 15th time Frank!

September 06 2016 07:38:42
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
awesome drum add! love it

September 06 2016 04:59:02
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho Frankisaur

September 06 2016 03:44:29
Impressive presence Inside this one Frank
Very well done, some of your interplay are pure craziness (in a good way), the main is solid and punchy the whole in a cool mix too !
Head banger I was and it seems I still :)

+2 September 06 2016 04:46:39 Tofzegrit Frankisaur
Thank you Tof!
September 05 2016 23:56:14
James dooJames doo
very the drum add...
+1 September 06 2016 02:22:25 James doo Frankisaur
Thanks! Your tracks are great!
September 05 2016 22:11:01
And you can't swim in my pool if you're going to doodle in it!(one of those little blow up pools)(only in my memory)

September 05 2016 22:07:51
Awesome I was just in a helicopter or something!


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