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cody tripp1137 jams
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"... are those that we share with people"
If someone want sharing vocals on this I could do a specific file ;)

After this famous wikiloops meeting, each time, the heart and soul are full of vibes from others we've met or seen again, the music shared, the symbiosis...
So I dare to sing again, Here is a song has came to me about relationships (some keywords written so quickly)!

I've added a guitar too but chosen "vocals input" to find it easier, sorry for that

A very special thanks to Tom who makes me become another one :)

Google has translated lyrics in english and Deutsch


September 20 2016 00:26:58
WadeWade Yea, that's the spirit. So good.

September 15 2016 16:05:19
NewbieSaxNewbieSax Dude, you're rolling.

Killer song!!!! And Tom... ah Tom

September 14 2016 02:48:48
OliVBeeOliVBee cool :D merci les gens !

September 10 2016 05:40:10
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho Tofzegrit

September 09 2016 13:37:04
FunkystanFunkystan çà file la banane... Intraduisible ^^
J'adore, merci Tof'...
L'an prochain j'essaye de venir ^^

+1 September 10 2016 06:57:50 FunkystanTofzegrit
Rhythm'n'blues et pas Eren'bee :) merci Stan!
J'ai joué avec 5 cuivres juste devant moi, la claque mais la meilleure place :)
September 08 2016 21:37:35
frenziefrenzie nice vocals tof! :) nice job!!

September 08 2016 03:54:26
phonix11phonix11 awesome! nice job!

September 07 2016 21:02:30
wikibebwikibeb ça c'est cool un peux de français
ça fait captain mercier

+1 September 07 2016 21:14:32 wikibebTofzegrit
exactement, je kiffe la mercier familly, les premieres chansons chantées par les enfants à l'arrière dans la voiture... Je les ai même emmenés à un concert au P'tit Journal Montparnasse nostalgie :)
September 07 2016 21:18:14 wikibebwikibeb
quelle chance de les avoir vue , j'ai pas u cette honneurs, ma preferer c'est cadiac party
September 07 2016 18:42:13
AKchenAKchen great & lovely & true :)
+1 September 10 2016 06:58:19 AKchenTofzegrit
September 07 2016 17:36:17
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal Tofzegrit. bom trabalho


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