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ericblom327 jams Supporter
Remix step #2 (playing)
United States

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GemmyF599 jams Supporter
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Uncle Remus Foretold PEXE
in his story about Briar Rabbit and the Tar Baby.
Here is my tribute to such foretelling

EricBloom's backing track was too cool not to try something on it.

I liberally applied Voice-over with effects and guitar with effects
asking--- the SHOUTBOX question--- of questions. And Hal David's question of Alfie to PEXE.


September 07 2016 22:34:07
ivaxivax Awesome :) my friend,very good Gemmy

September 07 2016 20:30:44
abuitremoremabuitremorem very good :) great idea :)

September 07 2016 18:36:47
AKchenAKchen great :)

September 07 2016 16:37:53
slinslin Strange,but cool...
+1 September 07 2016 16:39:48 slinGemmyF
here's a really not strange reggae tune I sang on #82863
September 07 2016 16:31:05
PexePexe RSS :P
+0 September 07 2016 16:34:33 PexeGemmyF
can't understand RSS?
September 07 2016 16:26:43
ericblomericblom Yeahhh, real beautiful. Lets ask ourselves "where's the Pexe in me?".
+1 September 07 2016 16:31:28 ericblomGemmyF
well I delve into that briefly! Must then conversate!
September 07 2016 16:37:05 ericblomericblom
ok I understand. I look to it 'philosophical light' It's just a question we don't have to answer.
September 07 2016 08:00:04
josepssvjosepssv Totally inside Gemmy!
Playlisted as experiments

September 07 2016 02:42:55

September 07 2016 01:20:27
EvertEvert Love the madness in this track.
+1 September 07 2016 01:24:35 EvertGemmyF
I love that Texas twang in the first part! in contrast with the sturm and drang music behind. It is madness! Thanks Evert!
September 07 2016 02:21:11 EvertEvert
Gemmy i'm Dutch. Don't know what's a Texas twang is. For me it's just a very good template by ericblom.Your contribution is wonderfull.
September 07 2016 02:34:55 EvertGemmyF
Texas twang is a way of speaking English with a certain affectation common to Texans. Are there people that live in rural areas and their speech is provincial or backwards --that is equivalent(sort of) of a Texas twang. Twang might be the equivalent to Thing. So if you know how to sound out English-- thing verus twaaang might describe what it sounds like. ERICBLOOM's is really cool!
September 07 2016 01:02:36
BothenBothen Oddly interesting in a good kind of way Jim.
+1 September 07 2016 01:20:10 BothenGemmyF
yeah I thought I had interrupted the upload on this, but I guess it made it up there. these #82117 or #82390 are Oddly interesting also

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