LuvJammin Red Wine Motown

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What a great Groove to this song,that was a real Blast Jammin with you guys!!!!!!,,Big 'E",FrankieJ,& the Pointman,,,Cool name for a Band,you guys should Think About it,,,


September 09 2016 01:17:59
RickplayerRickplayer Got a 3 dog night vibe
+0 September 09 2016 17:25:17 RickplayerDT1303
I Agree, Cool vibe no?!!!
September 08 2016 09:28:13
FrankieJFrankieJ Fantastic!
I was thinking this needs a lead with wah action then I hear your add!
Thanks for joining.

+0 September 09 2016 17:31:28 FrankieJDT1303
Truly my Pleasure,Thanks to Ernie for sending it my why,love the way your rhythm worked with 'E"s funky sound man,,really cool...
September 08 2016 03:19:54
TofzegritTofzegrit Great playing ! I like how you keep the tension with this kind of repetitive "theme" before going to some sololands .. :) Bravo
+0 September 09 2016 17:37:08 TofzegritDT1303
Thanks Tofzegrit,those 3 guy's had such a solid funky groove going i didn't want to tear it apart,just tried to offer some voice to their Funk,,
September 09 2016 18:31:30 TofzegritTofzegrit
I must thank you for pushing me to find an other way/taste to add on this one
September 07 2016 21:23:56
Ernie440Ernie440 Love it Luv!! haha Wicked play, sounds so groovy on this track bro .. and thanks for usin' the wah ... PERFECTO!!! lol .. Like your band name too!! :) ;) Sweet mix too man.
+0 September 09 2016 17:45:24 Ernie440DT1303
Knew you were looking to find a voice to help tell your funky story,nothing does that better than the wah,wah,,COOL LINES MAKE FOR GREAT INSPIRATION,NO reference to white lines here,Only Bass Lines Baby!!!!
September 09 2016 17:51:10 Ernie440Ernie440
haha .. white lines .. yeah .. got some road work to do .. lol .. seriously .. just the right voice .. thanks again! :)
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