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jaeusm109 jams Supporter
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Really cool song with a lot of different feels. Great playing by DFD, Peixe, and Balera78. Excellent vocals by aleonz, as well. I found this song to be quite challenging because it was hard to find a groove that fit with the straight rhythm of the keys and the syncopated rhythm of the drums.


September 12 2016 04:16:27
PeixePeixe Its an awesome job you made here Jaeusm. Your groove is sweet. Its like if it was always on the track. I am listening to it on and on. Maybe it was challenging but for my ears you did a great job and an amazing track my friend!
+1 September 12 2016 04:25:36 Peixejaeusm
Thank you very much! It's a great song you crafted:)
September 11 2016 19:37:05
schwaglrschwaglr I am always taken by your great intuition for musical style. You nailed this track!
+1 September 11 2016 23:47:47 schwaglrjaeusm
Thank you! It has been a long time since I've heard from you. I miss those keys :)
September 12 2016 00:07:49 schwaglrschwaglr
You're very kind! I'm hoping to be able to get on from time to time. Had to prioritize some other stuff for a while. But that Moog is always calling to me :)
September 10 2016 19:28:13
aleonzaleonz This bass line put a big smile to my face, you made a wonderful glue Jason! and that reggae that is sweet! Marcelo really gave a good game for me to play, tricky track indeed! so happy to hear your bass line in this track Jason!
+1 September 10 2016 19:39:34 aleonzjaeusm
Thanks alot Alice :)
September 09 2016 23:21:59
axenvocsaxenvocs great song and add
+1 September 09 2016 23:43:50 axenvocsjaeusm
Thank you :)
September 09 2016 15:48:13
StefStef Excellent solution with your phrasing and fine playing as usual Jason! :)
+1 September 09 2016 16:05:23 Stefjaeusm
Thanks Stef :)
September 09 2016 15:03:34
FrankMilFrankMil great tone
+1 September 09 2016 16:07:25 FrankMiljaeusm
Thanks Frank :)
September 09 2016 13:15:53
Balera78Balera78 Thank you! Great bass line. It was hard for me to... but the outcome is really good!
+1 September 09 2016 16:04:41 Balera78jaeusm
Thank you :)
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