It's never easy

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some distorting of original track but its a great tune and playing of Ez & Huntc. thanks guys.. Couldn't resist jumping in the frey. I Added Bass guitar, guitar rhythm and leads, and keyboards. Went for feeling laid back on the leads..


September 12 2016 03:58:03
DT1303DT1303 Great overall feel to this tune for sure....:)
+1 September 12 2016 21:57:28 DT1303Major 3rd
September 10 2016 15:29:52
NewbieSaxNewbieSax Great
+1 September 10 2016 20:18:37 NewbieSaxMajor 3rd
thanks Newbiesax! ;O)
September 10 2016 09:33:46
UloisiusUloisius wonderful Track from you all ;o)
+1 September 10 2016 20:18:55 UloisiusMajor 3rd
ty again my friend
September 10 2016 05:53:59
huntc1129huntc1129 I like where you took this! Awesome!
+1 September 10 2016 07:20:28 huntc1129Major 3rd
thanks Hunt...I had been working on this and you beat me to what i did was posted this AND I added this bass to yours too...I hope thats cool..great leads ya got going dude! nice
September 10 2016 07:39:36 huntc1129huntc1129
that's the coolest part about this site, you can take something simple like a bass line or piano thing and it can morph into many different recordings and ideas! I really love what you did on yours. I should have taken more time instead of just wailing out a lead! Yours was much more tastefully done! I'm working on a funk thing at the moment...just being around all the music creation and ideas motivates you to play!
September 10 2016 07:43:15 huntc1129Major 3rd
I hear ya bro! wiki loops are the best! we could be in a different mood a different day and end up with something else entirely...awesome... your leads were ripping! loved it..ty cheers!
September 10 2016 05:52:58
1969orange1969orange your take on this one is great!
+1 September 10 2016 05:59:40 1969orangeMajor 3rd
ty! ;O)

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