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Tried some singing today....three voices this time....
did a small piano thingie at the beginning and middle too....

Would be very cool to hear a bass line under this, and there is lot's of space for guitar. Huge spot for solo's too! :

Have a good sunday all!



September 18 2016 13:01:15
Very nice singing!
+1 September 18 2016 17:26:51 frankyguitar Marceys
Thanks a lot franky! Enjoyed it! :)
September 14 2016 19:39:11
I missed this vocal performance Marc...just catchin' up now... love it :) well done !
+1 September 14 2016 19:53:05 PaulBOwens Marceys
Glad you like it Paul! I had a good time on the track! Thanks again for the cool groove! :)
September 14 2016 19:17:52
francisco alfrancisco al
muito legal Marceys. bom trabalho
+1 September 14 2016 19:36:30 francisco al Marceys
Thanks a lot francisco! :)
September 14 2016 11:45:58
Very cool Marc! :)
+1 September 14 2016 19:36:06 Stef Marceys
Thanks a lot Stef! :)
September 12 2016 20:27:54
That low register added a gorgeus color on this track Marc, you got some cool going on noways homie! so good to hear your singin :) ,i was playing with this track yesterday, but I was so wasted and run out of energy when Im about to mix it, and my ears kinda act weird hah! will try to mix it with my morning ears :)
+1 September 12 2016 23:25:20 aleonz Marceys
Hey Alice! Thanks for your cool words! Enjoyed this track a lot! It will be supercool to hear you sing on this track! Gonna sleep real fast to hear is a bit earlier! :) night night!
September 12 2016 20:23:29
super cool!! great work, Marceys!
+0 September 12 2016 23:23:07 mulambo Marceys
Thanks man! Was a cool ride!
September 12 2016 14:59:21
+1 September 12 2016 17:23:34 mpointon Marceys
Thanks Martin! Some jamming! You almost up and running again? :)
Had a save trip back home?
September 12 2016 18:39:36 mpointon mpointon
I'm nearly there, thanks. Still in a house with no furniture and my drums are spread between two places at the moment - my cymbals and pedals are not in the same place as the rest of the kit. Hoping to be sorted later in the week for some recording - my ToDo list is filling up!
September 12 2016 13:25:20
You are Great on the Keys, and then you add Great Vocals........Love it Marc!!! :) :)
+1 September 12 2016 17:22:48 kapone120 Marceys
Thanks a lot Kapone, enjoyed myself! :)
September 12 2016 06:52:27
This is great! I love the way you recorded the vocals. Nice delivery! Excellent timing!
Of course, the piano playing is spot on, too :)
This is definitely going on the "to-do" list :)

+1 September 12 2016 08:16:42 jaeusm Marceys
Hey thanks for the nice words!
Had fun with it, would be very cool to hear your bassgroove indeed!
September 12 2016 02:09:08
very cool again !!!!
+1 September 12 2016 08:15:45 goldtop68 Marceys
Thanks man!
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