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so it's 9-11.
Here is a song recorded and played live by my band (newman) in the practice room.
Alternative title for the song was "Backbone Slip"
the WORDS ARE IN THE CHORDS as when you put up a
sequencer there is no lyrics area. PLEASE OPEN THIS WHILE YOU LISTEN.

JJ Hunt-Sax
Joseph Soto-Bass
Rick Stewart - Drums
Jim Forsythe(me) - Vocals and Guitar, guitar synth Organ sound


September 12 2016 19:09:44
I really like this Jim, feels weird to call you Jim...ummm...Gemmy..LOL ;)
+0 September 12 2016 19:10:55 piper GemmyF
family calls me Jimmy so there you go sis.
September 12 2016 19:14:36 piper piper
Hey, there you go! I have an uncle Jimmy too, "Chip" for short. He worked for the studios for years as a film editor. It was always a treat when he would come by the house because he would bring over the newest cartoon. hehehe. Scooby Doo!!!
OK, Jimmy ;)
September 12 2016 17:26:13
Dude on sax!!!!! Oh holy... dude on sax!!!
+1 September 12 2016 18:13:26 NewbieSax GemmyF
adam yeah go to my profile page I have a link to my band playing live. This was the first practice he played with us the video(1 set) is after 2 years with the music. SOOOOOO much more confidence.
September 12 2016 17:24:34
I hope everyone gets a treat and gives it a listen. Modern funk Step pen wolf style.

September 12 2016 17:21:38
Oh My Shit... !!!

September 12 2016 10:47:45
Superb track! Thanks for sharing ^^

September 12 2016 03:14:51
Nice! Love the sax. Feels like The Smiths.
+1 September 12 2016 04:03:20 Frankisaur GemmyF
Yeah I can hear that!
September 12 2016 05:15:30 Frankisaur GemmyF
Wish I could get the sax players to play with me.
September 11 2016 22:22:31
Great energy! Great band! Great jam! :)
+0 September 11 2016 22:29:15 Stef GemmyF
Thanks Stef! Alas the wikiloops gang is my BAND now! I have my mic and guitar chord plugged in and it doesn't take much to make really great music here! Also I don't have to carry my 5 amps and get over stage fright every time we played. My band hated this but while the sound people were working on monitors and volumes ect, I didn't like them to "RUIN" one of our songs with bad sound so I would start some jam never played before(by me or the band---kind of just responding to the tones I was hearing the way the room was, my effects...ect) By the time we jammed that(of which I would just start sing off the cuff as well) none of us was nervous, cause everything else was familiar territory.
September 11 2016 22:11:59
Great band, Gemmy! :)
+0 September 11 2016 22:14:20 pkliesch GemmyF
Thanks PK!
September 11 2016 21:38:24
fantastic Band ,Gemmy,great song :)
+0 September 11 2016 21:45:41 ivax GemmyF
Thanks Xavi. We were pretty Hot. Always wished we could have picked up a dedicated Lead player--Like Dave Gregory on XTC--that doesn't have to always wail but finds creative ways to keep the music driving. But someone like that was usually already Busy with paying bands! We mostly did coffee Shops, Artwalks, Art openings. We had 3, 1 hour-long sets. All original music I wrote.
September 11 2016 21:25:35
Cool jam Jim... great band lineup... lots of meaning here. Thanks for sharing :)
+1 September 11 2016 21:30:57 Psycho GemmyF
thanks Bruce! Now get up on the dancefloor and let that backbone slip!

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